Pin up look: the new urban fashion trends

Summer is coming and with the heat come with the new trends. On this article we will talk about the latest in urban fashion. Here fashionbashon will bring you to the new style that is becoming more popular on the fashion trends 2013 especially for the women fashion spring 2013. We talked about the pin up look, celebrities and beautiful models like Dita Von Teese or Sabina Kelley are the popular pin up models. Not yet know what is it fashion?

Brief history of pin up movement:

The term pin up is synonymous with the word cheesecake. In the 50’s became popular with the phrase “she is better than a cheesecake” referring to a pretty woman. Her male equivalent is the beefcake (meat pie).

The pin up movement began in the 20’s with a group of revolutionary women breaking all social schemes as posing scantily clad in an era in which the word sexy was totally censored. This type of photographs and illustrations began to spread at this time. Images were hung on bulletin boards and hence the term “pin up.”

Pin up - Girls calendar pictures

One of the important influences may also have been the publication of the early 30’s celebrity like George Petty when she was photographed as girls calendars illustration, so people began to relate to the pin-up girls with girls calendar pictures. The one of the publications was the first magazines which gave more space to the artwork of various artists alluding to the girls.

How to get a pin up look:

How to makeup pin up

The pin up fashion is one of the most sexy and feminine urban fashions that exist and requires a lot of dedication, since it is based on the concept of always impeccable. Both the makeup and the hair have to be perfectly caring.

The pin up makeup is characterized by feline and gets a voluptuous lips look. The eyes should always be outlined with black eyeliner thus achieving a ripped look. The shadows have to be light colored to highlight the stroke of eye liner and mascara is a must to complete the look.

As for the lips, red is the star color. The pin up is trying to give a sensual mouth and glam look to draw the attention of the men.

The pin up look is always full of a smooth and luminous skin. Especially delicate white skin is the most prevalent among pin up fashion but among the neo pin up looks much like white brown skin.

The pin up clothing is characterized by flared dresses, necklines heart, pep toe heels and skirts and high-waisted pants that make the silhouette.

Currently, there is a new wave of modern pin up (Kat Von D, Vinila Von Bismark, Sabina Kelley …) which are famous for following the same aesthetic of the 80’s fashion style but they renew their image filling their body tattoos on all traditional American type (pin ups, marine motifs, dice, horseshoes, cherries, stars …) and they call themselves Suicide Girls.

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