Paul & Joe make-up collection spring 2014: foundation, lipsticks, nail enamel and more

Paul & Joe makeup collection spring 2014: makeup Paul & Jo 2014

The line cosmetics dedicated to spring 2014 the brand PAUL & JOE always takes great care of its packaging by focusing on an original and chic and products that ensure a flawless make-up in a few minutes.

Paul & Joe makeup collection spring 2014: beauty body care

It is part of the brand’s seasonal collection of Paul & Joe  the COLOR POWDER CS declined in a romantic cardboard box available in 3 different decorations, inside of which is available on a blush tones:

  • 088  DAHLIA, a green box with pastel decor glamor that contains a coral blush pink and orange
  • 089  AZALEA, packaging in a striped pattern with purple, pink, blue containing a bright pink blush that mixes the lilac
  • 090 AMARYLLIS, with box depicting horses while the blush is tinged cherry mixed with champagne.

Paul & Joe makeup collection spring 2014: silky smooth foundation UV

For the make-up face, Paul & Joe make-up collection spring 2014 also proposes the lively FACE POWDER S i.e. small face powder pearls in shades of white, light blue, lilac, pink and yellow, can be applied with a brush to the face from the wooden handle and white bristles. For a smooth and uniform background, the brand Paul & Joe presents its foundation in flask silky texture SILKY SMOOTH FOUNDATION UV in its formulation that contains a sun protection factor, available in the colors:

  • No.100
  • No.101
  • No.102
  • No.103
  • No.201
  • No.301
  • No.302

Paul & Joe makeup collection spring 2014: eye color trio compact

In Paul & Joe makeup collection for spring 2014 is the EYE COLOR TRIO COMPACT practices palette that hold within them a trio of eyeshadows, available in 3 different sizes: 001, which represents a nest of birds on a tree branch, 002, with a package decorated with cats, 003, decorated with orange and yellow flowers. Instead, with regard to the three colors palette Eye Color Trio Compact offering of brilliant colors and metallic finish, pearl and satin shades that blend of: 01  BREAKFAST IN BED, champagne, golden orange and plum shimmer; 02  MY LITTLE KITTY, gold clear, dark gold and brown shimmer; 03  GARDEN OF FLOWERS, light green, lilac and lavender; 04  TREE SHADED WALKWAY, golden orange, white pearl and green; 05  CHERRY BLOSSOM, pink, gold and bronze rosé; 06  APRIL IN PARIS, baby blue, light peach and antique gold; 07  STORMY WEATHER, champagne, light gray and dark gray; 08  NIGHT CAFE, white gold, black and gold shimmer. DIscover also Kiko Unlimited Stylo lipstick spring summer 2014!

Paul & Joe makeup collection spring 2014: 3 colors lipsticks

Then do not miss the iconic line of Paul & Joe lipsticks available in three cases and glamorous colors:

  • 084  POPPY, orange-red on
  • 085  PEONY Pink
  • 086  ROSEBUD, orange

Paul & Joe makeup collection spring 2014: mini nail enamel collection

For nail you can also see Nails Inc. London spring summer 2014: Floral nail art collection. The collection is now complete with the Mini Nail Enamel collection which consists of five new glazes that are colored:

  • 036 LILY, from white to pink pearl finish
  • 037 HYACINTH, blue shimmer
  • 038 PETUNIA, rose shimmer effect
  • 039 BUTTERCUP yellow tending to orange
  • 040 CARNATION, red.

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