Pantone color trends autumn winter 2015 forecast: brights, bolds and jewels tone

The color trends for next autumn-winter 2015 forecast has unveiled with great anticipation by Pantone which has compiled the top ten of the most fashionable colors during the next cold season, taking a cue from what was seen on the catwalks of major fashion on the international scene.

Pantone color trends autumn winter 2015 forecast

It is a kaleidoscopic color palette enlivened by touches of alternating bright and radiant in the darker tones and the characteristic dark mood reminiscent of autumn leaves. The institute has entered the Pantone color sangria in the ranking of color trends autumn winter 2015 forecast, it is an exotic red that you can splurge on different clothing, the red in the red dawn come to be among the most elegant shades to show off in the next few months of the year, giving a radiant allure. Even the radiant orchid, lilac with pink facets, it is also confirmed for the cold season a must-have color of the banner floral style and etiquette. The different shades of yellow chosen to embellish the summer looks are converted into misted yellow, a shade reminiscent of the sun’s rays, and that expresses panache and brilliance bringing a little sunshine.

Pantone color trends autumn winter 2015 forecast

Among the confirmations of color trends autumn winter 2015 forecast by Pantone, more like the color cognac confirms a trend of the cold season, it is in fact a gradient typically autumnal, evoking the color of the bark of trees and falling leaves; another typical seasonal color is forest green that fades in shades of cypress green a very deep and intense that it is inspired by the foliage of evergreen trees. And for the next hot season, here Fashion trend spring summer 2015 previews!

Pantone color trends autumn winter 2015 forecast

The metallic hues continue to conquer a broad consensus among the fashion collections and for the next season autumn-winter 2015 next to the gold, the silver and the bronze are also showcases the aluminum color.

Pantone has also entered the top ten trends also color the bright cobalt  blue that is reminiscent of the radiant cobalt blue, but is enhanced by a more intense brightness; Also the shade of royal blue  that is characterized by a shade of blue than on typical marine environment is a cult color.

Images source: DORLY DESIGNS Fashion Forecast and Pantone

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