Pandora New Jewelry Collection for Christmas 2014

Welcome to the delightful world of Pandora with its new jewelry collection for Christmas 2014 and winter season 2015.

As the weather getting colder and the holiday season is right in front of us, it’s undoubtedly that people will start thinking a precious gifts for their beloved ones. And on this occasion, let the Pandora’s sparkling ideas inspiring you and discover a perfect gift guide to surprise her as well as to create a unique and original look at evening parties. Here on Fashionbashon, find with us the must-have selection with the prices for each item and the shimmering features dedicated to the long-awaited Christmas and winter holiday 2014-2015 celebrations!

Pandora Christmas gift collection 2014: holiday gift guide winter 2015

Among other accessories, jewelry is always one of the most favored gift ideas to be given to her under sparkling Christmas tree. And here, through its new jewelries collection, Pandora shows us a lot of luxurious and precious offers; from the lovable earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, charms to the intriguing pendants and many other statement metals or glittering gemstones are available in distinctive styles and designs enlivened by shiny silver, gold, enamel or intense emerald blue with starry winter night look detail. All exclusively proposed on the latest arrivals Pandora jewelleries catalogue dedicated to be a perfect Christmas gift guide as well as to inspire you to brighten up a stunning and glamorous evening look at cheerful night parties throughout the winter and holiday season 2014-2015.

Pandora Christmas gift collection 2014: cathedral rose blue enamel charm

As we mentioned before the Pandora Christmas gift collection 2014 brings several lines of glittering jewelries. For her, you cannot miss the stunning charms; the lovable Christmas bear (Price: $45.00) in silver metal with green and red enamel detail or the wondrous Jolly Santa ($50.00) in white and red enamel. To surprise your loved women in the winter and holiday season 2014-2015, Pandora also offers luxurious charm Cathedral Rose in intriguing blue enamel ($50.00) or the Night Sky in blue enamel ($65.00) featuring cubic zirconia stone in clear bicolor metal. Another option is the precious Galaxy charm (Price: $325.00) in Gold 14ct with twist style and glittery gemstones in silver or the Sparkling Bloom ($375.00) in clear Gold 14ct. Pick the favorable one as a charming gift guide for her as well as to adorn a beautiful look at evening parties or any special occasions of the season. To complete your clothing wardrobe, you cannot miss the new arrivals women’s collection of Stradivarius IT’S WINTER catalogue campaign 2014-2015!

Pandora Christmas gift collection 2014: cosmic star midnight blue ring

In addition to the wonderful charms above, the latest arrivals Pandora Christmas gift collection for winter 2014-2015 also comes up with various lines of elegant rings selection. The catchy ideas for her are including the new Christmas rings; from the simple yet stunning one, we find the Star Trail ring (Price: $35.00) in silver metal or the Mystical Floral ring ($50.00) in silver with precious gemstone detail right at the center of romantic flower-shaped metal embellishment in black enamel. A big must for women with elegant notability is the Midnight Star ($85.00) in shiny silver metal featuring midnight blue crystal, as an alternative you can also opt for the Cosmic Star ($125.00) in clear metal with midnight blue crystal, cubic zirconia and other mixed stones detail in chic and elegant way. Other sparkling cocktail rings you cannot miss from Pandora are also the extravagant Symbol of Love ring (Price: $150.00) in clear metal featuring romantic heart-shaped detail in gold accomplished with precious stone detail. These Pandora Christmas rings are coming in various sizes available; a timeless classic idea for her, you can also combine with any other magnificent items of the brand to make her surprised with mouth open wide. Brighten up your evening look with captivating key ideas offered on H&M Sparkling Statement!

Pandora New Jewelry Collection for Christmas 2014: everlasting grace earrings

Don’t let the special holiday season go meaningless without any memorable moments, complete her accessories wardrobe also with Pandora earrings collection for Christmas and holiday season 2014-2015. From the lower price we find the fabulous Cosmic Stars earrings (Price: $50.00) in clear silver metal with valuable stones, Midnight Stars earrings ($80.00) featuring luxe crystal, you cannot also miss the imposing Everlasting Grace ($115.00) embellished with pearl in white or the lustrous Sparkling Lace earrings (Price: $125.00) with alluring pendant shape in clear metallic stone with clear cubic zirconia stone. An absolutely wonderful gift guide for you to brighten up her outlook and statement-maker at glamorous evening party.

Those are among the lovable gift ideas to amaze her through the unforgettable moment or to enlighten her evening look for a glamorous night parties or any other important events throughout the Christmas or holiday season 2014-2015. Stay with us on Fashionbashon for the latest catalogues and new arrivals selections of the most sought-after luxury brands and designers dedicated to the special day. There are many precious items can be found at the official store of the brand. Browse and shop for several lines of precious stones at Pandora New Jewelry Collection for Christmas 2014!

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