Pandora jewelries promotion in 2014: perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day

The brand of jewelry Pandora, famous for its delicious bracelets with charms, Serbian jewelry brand has a new promotion in 2014 dedicated to Italian people around the world, a tribute to the best customers. So if you’re planning on purchasing Pandora stay tuned and read here!

Pandora jewelries promotion in 2014: Mother's Day 2014 jewelries

Pandora would be to launch a new promotion dedicated to his admirers, we tried to get information for you, and today we reveal to you what we have discovered though, of course, to make sure of the following information, you will need a small amount of patience, time necessary because the brand ads its new initiative. In the meantime, enjoy this little advantage to start organizing your purchases and possibly join forces.

Pandora jewelries promotion in 2014: steady heart

The next promotion Pandora is imminent, designed on the occasion of Mother’s Day 2014. The formula is always the same as always: if you reach a minimum of expense you are entitled to the homage which, in this case, should be a Pandora’s Box for storing charms and bracelets, a lovely jewelry box very feminine signed by the brand.

Pandora jewelries promotion in 2014: pink rose stud earrings

The boxes in question have never been for sale only in Italy but abroad, it is thus a rather unique gift, even if their value is not particularly high. It will definitely be useful to attract women who have not yet purchased Pandora, in fact, starting from the purchase of the bracelet with all its charms; it will be easier to achieve the required figure. On the other hand, the field of modular jewelry in silver has now exploded and the competition is high: among the best known and loved in Italy there are Trollbeads and Pandora but the brands involved are indeed many and ready to emerge in our country (Redbalifrog, Novobeads, Chamilia among many others). Don’t miss also Hogan shoes catalog spring summer 2014!

Pandora jewelries promotion in 2014: vintage heart

Personally I find the idea of ​​Pandora’s box is very nice, the only downside is that the minimum cost to access the promotion will be five hundred euro, which is certainly not negligible (remember in any case not to take for some of our information, for every certainty you will have to endure a few more days, keep an eye on this post that eventually we will update the information or follow the brand disclose online).

Pandora jewelries promotion in 2014: Pandora collection 2014

In any case, despite the large sum requested, this promotion may still consular many customers eager to participate in new initiatives in Italy (the promotion distributed by the brand are in fact different from country to country, in the U.S., for example, was the highly acclaimed recent promo bracelet Free). A Christmas had been offered a complimentary charm of the value of 29 euro compared with a minimum spend of 99, the idea was rightly very welcome; Valentine’s Day Pandora has released only cute cards to let in love and be the perfect gift, and now we’re here, it’s time to celebrate Mother’s Day with this new idea. See also Stonefly flat shoes spring summer 2014 we presented you few days ago!

Pandora jewelries promotion in 2014: pink rose ring

We said at the beginning, be prepared to join forces: the wish to add a group of friends or a mother and daughter could be the right idea to enter the promotion. For now we are not able to show you a picture of the image of Pandora’s box in tribute, we will update the post when it will be possible; in as you begin to do your accounts because the promo could start as early as April 10 and last until the end of May 2014.

Pandora jewelries promotion in 2014: rose garden pink enamel

Apparently, in order to reach the amount limit, you can buy charms and jewelry including the latest news, including the Essence collection and among the most dated, must instead pay attention to the choice of the point of sale, it is still unclear whether the promotion will be applied only concept store or to other retailers.

In the meantime we leave you with the image of two beautiful charms that supposedly will be launched April 10: the openwork Heart Vintage silver with 14 kt gold heart pendant and My Sweet Mother in silver, cubic Zirconia and pink nail polish (the price of vintage heart is 79 Euros, that of charm with flowers € 59). Doing the math you will find that it is not so difficult to reach five hundred Euros, charms are all very nice and the temptation to fill the entire bracelet is strong).

What do you think of the Pandora promotions, is it launched lately? And is this one in particular? Tell us your opinion about the new collection spring summer 2014 Pandora and tell us your news, waiting to find out any other promotions in 2014!

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