Oysho collection spring summer 2014: thongs, bodysuits, briefs and bras arrive with seductive detail

In a state of uncertainty and the expectations derived from waiting for the new collection of women’s underwear and costume designer Oysho summer, we discover the intimate catalog of Oysho spring summer collection 2014, let’s take a look at the new comfortable and sensual thongs, bodysuits, briefs and bras a lot of enchanting features; the transparency, floral print and beautiful lace integrate with comfortable material such as cotton, foam and satin, all exclusively presented from the new collection of the Spanish brand.

Oysho collection spring summer 2014: lace and floral Oysho collection ss 14

The Oysho underwear collection spring summer 2014 is including lingerie, bodysuits, briefs and thongs that rely on lace and transparencies. If winter collection 2013 2014 is getting dominated by dark colors and lace garments, the spring summer 2014 collection is no exception.

The intimate outfits that come with very alluring details are composed of black or red push-up and padded bras that can be purchased individually but at the same time, for more sexy and fitting look, it can be combined with matching panties and thongs as well as the body shorts version. When it comes to bodysuits, there are many selections available from the provocative contrasting lace, floral, polka dot tulle in various feminine colors. And for men’s fashion here is Emporio Armani Underwear SS’14 with Luca Dotto as the male model.

Sensuality is the watchword of the new collection, it is mischievous but not vulgar heads, a high degree of femininity: the lace patterns and dark colors of the bras, lingerie, knickers and briefs, the brand is the objective poses a well-clear: to propose an idea of beauty that blends with the functionality and comfort to the body and adapted to the preferences of each woman.

According to Pantone has announced with a report, the intense colors such as orange, emerald green, the color lime, red and fuchsia will come back to the frontage, then we don’t exclude new arrivals in bright tones that will cover maybe not only the women’s intimate collection but also the costumes Oysho 2014 with seductive details and attractive look (while in you can browse the images below of the new Oysho collection spring summer 2014). Check out also Fendi women’s beachwear collection SS 13-14!

Oysho collection spring summer 2014: heart detail Parisian stocking

Among the most seductive selection of the new catalog Oysho collection spring summer 2014 are the Parisian black stockings with small polka dots, Parisians are back in fashion and this model is distinguished from the classic models through to the romantic heart sticker placed on the legs that also helps stockings to remain in their place. The proposed slip can be purchased separately or combined with the bras with the same pattern, each model also slip this in the gallery below also exists in thong version.

Oysho bases its foundation on the careful choice of quality fabrics and sophisticated materials such as satin, lace and foam. The black color continues to be the undisputed star of the collection of lingerie, thongs, briefs, and bodysuits for the night, full of details, materials and volumes. Among bodysuits, bras, panties and thongs collection of lingerie proposal gives strong personality and appeal, in a combination of sheer and lace, true must-haves of the season. Discover also the super affordable price of H & M sportswear spring summer 2014!

Oysho collection spring summer 2014: MR. Wonderful glass biscuit t-shirt

Waiting to show you the real catalog of Oysho pajamas spring summer 2014 we add that the brand of underwear and sleepwear was chosen by Mr. Wonderful to launch its ​​first collection of pajamas just arrived in stores. The collection consists of pajamas in shades of white and gray, with inscriptions and drawings ironic but also super romantic aims to enhance relaxation. The motto is “Life is too short to wear boring clothes”.

Here are some of the messages printed on the jerseys of these cotton pajamas in soft hues such as ecru or various shades of gray, “I love you to the moon and back”, “You are the butter on my bread,” or “Happiness Is You”.

In the meantime, we can always take advantage of Oysho collection in the balance; there are numerous pajamas and underwear complete with freshly discounted, ready to be purchased. In cities such as Milan, Turin, Genoa, Venice, Bari, Bologna, Florence, Perugia, Ancona, Rome, Palermo, Reggio Calabria balances in fact began January 4, Naples balances even began January 2 while in Cagliari will begin on January 6. For more detail on women’s fashion, don’t miss our selection of new Zara spring summer 2014 collection for women!

Now you just need to find out the attractive images of the catalog Oysho lingerie collection for spring summer 2014 and what do you think of the women’s underwear catalog?

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