Old trends and new costumes, today’s fashion is reinvented thinking yesterday

Postmodern Society” uncertainty and instability in defining their own identity, awareness of the sudden change in the world, here is how to define the ’90s. It begins to give a strong symbolic value to the consumer and to bring in their own lives advertising, to make them their own. Thus the “Future Cowboy” becomes a friend to the children and people of advertising “Levis Mr. Bombastic “famous as Hollywood starsThe size of aesthetics assumes utmost importance in everyday life. The attitude towards the fashion changes, it becomes a means to go deeper than the physical state and a way of life, an active identity that could adapt and change just as quickly. All this will lead to the creation of a mixture of styles that would be the end of fashion, as some might think but only a new dimension.

Old trends and new costumes 2

The idea destined to play a very important role in the dynamics of contemporary art, the impact that fashion in everyday life, which brings us right to the ’90s, when a change in trend, leading to the catwalk styles that have formed on the roads, as opposed to what happened in the past. 
The last decade of the last century brought some revolutionary changes: it becomes available a range of styles considerably wider than it has ever happened before. Magazines no longer the dominant trend of the next season, however, emphasize the variety of themes, shapes and materials proposed. Styles are shot 60s and 70s with skirts, trousers flared, hippie clothes and wedges. At the same time there are growing a number of other trends, the cyberpunk fashions ecological, ethnic styles, the grunge, the recovery of school uniforms and clothes for sportsThe designers of models are often considered true masters of style, able to reinterpret the classic ideas for an increasingly diverse and dominated by advertising and marketing techniques no less than the creative talent. In general is abandoned the appearance of the Power dressing, the dressing with the aim of seem important, changes. The square shoulders and large become rounded and more natural looking. The look of the 90s is more relaxed and focuses on simplicity in its lines and cut that becomes a point of strength.

This decade is the complete freedom of styles ever, as in recent years, personal taste and youth could manifest itself in all its eccentricity. It is mainly taken the style Punk, rock-bottom pants, leather jackets, Mohawk style for your hairHowever, in the 90s also developed the grunge movement, strongly influenced by the aesthetics and punk music. The classic grunge wore flannel shirts, Dr. Martens, had long hair and Converse shoes, or skateboard.

During this time you meet a new generation of young designers and avant-garde, which constitute the spearhead of a new movement: the deconstruction. The clothes are usually deconstruction blacks and with regard to size, can be over sized or shriveled, or look worn backwards, with uneven edges, visible seams and cuts. The brand of the 90s style is minimalist, seemingly unkempt.

In America coined the term “heroin chic” to describe the phenomenon launched by the fashion industry, which wants Models pale and emaciated, his eyes sealed. Symbols of this trend were some campaigns for Calvin Klein, which aroused a sensation. Protagonists were the model Kate Moss and photographer David Sorrenti, who died very young of an overdose.

Anyway, I’m always the years in which major fashion brands begin to have a huge success. It has, for example, the rise of Gucci which shows how a traditional company, a manufacturer of luxury goods can reinvent betting on new and young designers and especially by adopting an advertising campaign with an edge that could get in a simple and direct “The re-invention, first of all.” In the mid-’90s under the direction of Tom Ford, Gucci became one of the most sought after brands among the young, is the success of his unforgettable dresses Hippie Style by floral patterns.

Meanwhile Cavalli goes from “trot” to “gallop” . This designer began to be worshiped and praised by rock stars and movie stars internationally. There are so many celebrities that over time have chosen to wear the creations of Roberto Cavalli: Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, to name a few.

Cavalli’s creations inspired by the wild world of nature and pop culture: coats of animals and animal prints are reinterpreted in acid colors and bright. Horse shows a woman “more human” than his colleagues, dressed in a disruptive sensuality that does not go unnoticed. Different is instead the path of Armani questioning the formal constraints imposed by tradition, was able to translate into his clothes the need to break with the past, but did not dictate a transient fashion, but destined to last. A statute of the new elegance for womenSo its collections range from the combination of masculine jackets and pleated skirts that show a woman manager, in the linen jackets in soft fantasies arabesque shape and sensual necklines. Giorgio Armani takes the catwalk all the cross-cultural influences arising from the process of globalization that began in the nineties. With the Armani Jeans line then, can also affect younger people running the total denim in different washes, until the discoloration, and an interpretation of the jeans also features strong and modern dress in stretch fabric with the gap, combined mulas and to coordinate the bag.

Old trends and new costumes 3

Dolce and Gabbana, known people, consecrate their success from coast to coast ocean, launching an exclusive line of T-shirts, original or counterfeit, it was important to have one. The stars make their mark believe in clothes. Many celebrities, from Madonna to Tina Turner, they expose themselves in the first person to publicize the image of two friends designers participating in the events organized by them and wearing their clothes in public occasions. Was born in 1994 D & G, the line came “from the road to the road,” which will appeal to younger generations, the people live concerts that Dolce & Gabbana decide to bind to represent the style a bit ‘hedonist, unconventional, that combines the more precious in ripped jeans.

Along with fashion brands but we have to remember the more commercial brands: Onyx, pit-stop, which offered hard with brightly colored cartoon prints for girls, while for boys t-shirts tight Energy hats Fido Dido and sweatshirts become a real must have. What was the result of these contacts “abnormal” among teachers of high fashion and youth development, including roads and bridges? Apparently a lot of confusion. In reality, what comes out is a patchwork. A puzzle of different styles capable of stuck very well with each other often mingling with each other to create new ones.They range from a stroke to hip-hop (baggy jeans, Baggy and that created a somewhat sloppy) than that of girls Beverly Hills (wedges of buffalo, tight jeans that went down, but with the large thigh and high waist, tight body inside his pants, belt high, checked shirt open above).

Therefore it can define, today as yesterday, what is fashionable and what is out of fashion?In fact, retracing the steps, it would seem that everything is connected, trends pass and then return bullies few years later. Change without betraying” this is the thread that connects all the different trends over time.In the 90s there is a fundamental change, it spreads the idea that fashion should not be relegated to the final, the concrete and abstract product that goes on the catwalk, this idea is more alive today than ever.

Nowadays the production of fashion is too large for groped to realize an accurate picture. On the one hand, in general, we can identify two trends, one more and one more commercial elite, on the other hand expand the boundaries between fashion, advertising and art. In a global society, where more and more the idea of a whole without limits dominates even the fashion world is given a new identity, blurring the boundary between the catwalk and streets. The difference between haute couture and fashion consensus seems to not be so obvious. It was during the last fashion week in Milan, he reintroduces the concept of “Democratization of Fashion” which leads directly to the parades in the streets and squares of the city.

So the vast metropolitan public has the opportunity to decide if, instead of running to take the metro stop and take a look at what will be the new trends. The real charm lies in the preparation of a model. In this section, you can find the fashion detail, the selective option of low quality materials and the originality, the designers are clear that we must take into account that what they create is not material to show, but is intended for people. If fashion is art, then the main goal is to hit the mark, give people what they want, which reflects for what they are or want to be wearing a dress. Yesterday and today the great sartorial tradition of the beautiful country leads the world by offering, through the brand made ​​in Italy, not only the guarantee of a quality special and unique, but also a fashion that has in it the taste a little ‘retro combining the passed to the new mode.