Official prices for Michael Kors classy bags catalog summer 2014

Michael Kors handbags are elegant and glamorous, proposed for summer 2014 bags collection, the current design is specifically designed for the modern woman who loves sports and urban feel. To complete your summer wardrobe, discover with us all Michael Kors classy bags 2014 along with the official prices!

Michael Kors classy bags summer 2014: summer 2014 handbags Michael Kors

Blake, Cynthia, Marina, Audrey … these are just some of the names that distinguish the bags from Michael Kors, original and classy, ​​suitable for the glamorous woman who dresses in style and urban sports. The various designs of the Michael Kors classy bags catalog summer 2014 are colorful and modern design, enriched by elements always in vogue tendency that give the bags a timeless style.

Among the classy handbags summer 2014 signed Michael Kors, the line Audrey ($ 257.00 – 428.00) is slightly uneven, colorful, and front flap with zip and profiles in contrast, while the model Jaryn ($ 795.00 – 895.00) is distinguished by its linearity accentuated by the level detail of the handles and pendant, both in gold, which give an elegant look and refined model.

Michael Kors classy bags summer 2014: Nora transparent tote

The line Sutton ($ 328.00), Reese ($ 328.00), Cynthia ($ 318.00) and Grayson ($ 328.00 – $348.00) are similar to the logo print that decorates, while maintaining its own identity: those are satchel bags with elegant characteristic, in the case of the first model, the handles adorned with an elegant gold chain with charms, while the second you can see the trunk to form an elegance, the handles are made ​​of leather and decorated with a golden pyramid detail at the base. Discover also Candy Bag collection 2014 Furla!

Michael Kors classy bags summer 2014: medium Billy messenger bag

The Long fringes characterize the bags Billy, both in mini ($ 198.00) or medium ($ 248.00); these models are made ​​of suede shoulder, charms with logo and studs outlining the front edge gilt. You can also opt for natural look shopping bag with studded straw ($ 228.00).

The animal pattern is proposed for the handbag Harper and from the side edges averted, Selma ($ 358.00) and Miranda ($ 2,995.00 – 1595.00), the latter characterized by a truly original closure. The same pattern is also for the elegant clutch Gia ($ 995.00) and Harlow ($ 695.00).

Michael Kors classy bags summer 2014: Marina grab bag

Choices of multicolor detailing the models of the transparent with gold detail line Nora ($ 198.00), Channing shoulder shopper ($  448.00), Jet Set tote ($ 298.00 – 328.00) and Marina bags ($ 198.00): one of the first models, we suggest the navy in rows and the multi-colored tote; two-tone blue and white, both trendy and chic. We also find fantasies on Marina from the plot in web bag, made ​​in the colors of navy blue and raspberry, with rope handles, for a truly summer and classy. And here to see our selection of Asos dresses spring summer 2014!

For the handbags lovers, especially mini shoulder bag, we suggest you to wear the colorful patterns bag with flap front, Hamilton fuchsia ($ 358.00) white ($ 398.00) or the most classic and timeless Fulton ($ 188.00) with logo printing closure, leather belt detail and gold contrast. To find the classy handbags by Michael Kors, check the pictures below!

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