Northern Cobbler, Perfect Glam Party Shoes for Holiday Season!

Northern Cobbler Shoes May Be Flat but They’re Anything But Dull!

Often, women, heels and alcohol just do not get on. This party season, why not eschew the skyscrapers and opt for a comfortable shoe, without compromising on style whatsoever. The latest pieces from Northern Cobbler are the chameleons of the fashionable footwear. Practical enough for somewhere super smart, quirky enough for somewhere uber cool, and bang on trend for all the fashionistas wanting something different. Luxurious fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship and creative ideas make for one cracker of a collection, and the Northern Cobbler line have all three in abundance. And just because the party ends at midnight, doesn’t mean you can’t wear your new shoes in the New Year. The beauty of Northern Cobbler is that they’re timeless, classic and will transcend seasons, and will happily take you from the office to the bar time after time.

Northern Cobbler NASE - GOLD Chelsea shoeNASE – GOLD £225.00 – Chelsea shoe with elastic gussets

Northern Cobbler CAVEFISH BLACK & WHITE Lace point shoeCAVEFISH – BLACK & WHITE £210.00 – Lace point shoe in soft calf leather uppers

Northern Cobbler DAMSELFISH GREY & WHITE Slip-on pointed loaferDAMSELFISH – GREY & WHITE £210.00 – Slip-on pointed loafer in soft calf leather uppers

Brand History

Northern Cobbler is an English brand that creates handcrafted, high quality, traditional footwear with a witty personality. The design process and attention to detail are where their passions lie, and prevail in each and every piece of footwear in their range. They strive to carefully select the best materials to ensure that their shoes always look and feel beautiful and well made.

Northern Cobbler was created by two individuals with a passion for footwear and a desire to own their own brand. They often talked about their aspirations (usually with a cup of tea & teacake in hand!) with the intention of only creating coveted shoes with design and quality being the focal points. However, in order to achieve their goals to the best of their abilities, they felt that they needed to gain more experience in their respective fields of design & buying. They did just that and 7 years later the brand was born.

Editors Notes.

The brand was created by Feroza Bham and Steffan Stafhill, who met while working for fashion brand Next.

The Northern Cobbler showroom, which is open to the public is located in Leicestershire, England.

Northern Cobbler has a women’s collection, a men’s collection and a men’s diffusion line entitled ‘Cobbled’. For more information on any of these other lines, please let me know.

Northern Cobbler has been featured on Instyle Magazine’s Website, The En Brogue Blog, Drapers, and many more.

The shoes are sold through various outlets in the UK, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, USA, Israel, Japan, Singapore and Australia and over on their own website

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