New York Bridal Market 2018 Recap

Introducing New York Bridal Market 2018: Laure De Sagazan, Sabrina Dahan, Berta, Julie Vino, Galia Lahav, Alexandra Grecco, Randy Fenoli, Morilee By Madeline Gardner, Rime Arodaky, Baby Rime Capsule Collection and more..

New York Bridal Market 2018 Laure de Sagazan

Laure de Sagazan Bridal 2018

Presenting for the first time at New York Bridal Market Laure de Sagazan designs are the perfect marriage of timeless style and modern detailing. From her signature statement separates, boho silhouettes and delicate French lace details; Laure’s collections are all about blending shapes, styles and textures, to create something completely unique for brides around the world. The 2017 collection is tinted in a Jane Austen atmosphere; a romantic 30-piece collection with a retro & literary touch, to better embellish love.

New York Bridal Market 2018 Sabrina Dahan

Sabrina Dahan Bridal 2018

Inspired by her rich California roots, Sabrina Dahan created a luxe 9 piece collection reminiscent of the fluidity of the Pacific Ocean. You will find airy flutter sleeves, subtle Sea Foam ombre accents & frayed pleated chiffon strips that mirror soft waves — You can always expect a soft feminine flair with Sabrina Dahan.

New York Bridal Market 2018 Julie Vino

Julie Vino Bridal 2018

Continuing with the Italian theme of seasons past, Julie Vino’s Spring 2018 bridal collection is aptly titled Venezia. Drawing inspiration from the romantic city of Venice; the rich Italian references can be seen in every detail, from the extravagant laces to the intricate sheer details and jewel crested bodices.

New York Bridal Market 2018 Berta

Berta Bridal 2018

“This season you will find elements of glamour through fabrication and dramatic shapes. I created a keyhole neckline to give that peek-a-boo element of surprise paired with a fulyl layered skirt that delicately shimmers in the light.” – BERTA

New York Bridal Market 2018 Galia Lahav Victorian Affinity

Galia Lahav Bridal 2018

“Victorian Affinity” is inspired, first and foremost, by our ‘Victorian Affair’ evening couture collection, the outstanding Victorian era in

England and its parallel phase in France, “LeBelle Epoque”. We dedicate this collection to Jeanne Margaine-Lacroix, a designer that challenged the victorian style, in it’s era and, made a change of how we perceive femininity.

A bridal gown should be treated and fitted with love and care, as carried on a bride in her wedding day, and so we bring you our perception

of it.”- GALIA LAHAV

New York Bridal Market 2018 Alexandra Grecco

Alexandra Grecco Bridal 2018

With every collection, I design our pieces to feel really light and effortless. This season, we have a bit of a celestial theme throughout, and the embroidery is just breathtaking. I wanted the beadwork to feel as though it had fallen from the sky and just dusted the gowns, hence the collection name “Stardust”. I designed this collection for the woman who appreciates a classic silhouette, but also has a bit of whimsy in her. – Alexandra Grecco

New York Bridal Market 2018 Randy Fenoli

Randy Fenoli Bridal 2018

As the most trusted source in the Bridal Industry, Randy Fenoli is proud to announce the launch of his namesake Bridal collection, Randy Fenoli Bridal. Randy Fenoli revealed his 25-piece bridal collection. The collection will retail from $1,500- $3,000 including luxe details such as tonal beading, fluid soft layering & a touch of glamour.

New York Bridal Market 2018 Morilee By Madeline Gardner

Morilee By Madeline Gardner Bridal 2018

“It’s the spark of radiance that shines off the crystal beading, the glisten in the eyes of the bride, it is the beauty of life’s images that touch us and that we see in those around us. What I see in these reflections, bring about the special details that make my gowns come alive!” – Madeline Gardner

New York Bridal Market 2018 Rime Arodaky

Rime Arodaky Bridal 2018

Parisian bridal designer, Rime Arodaky, announced today that she is expanding her offerings to include a Ready to Wear Rehearsal collection. Sticking with her signature “rock’n’roll yet sophisticated” style, the Rime Arodaky rehearsal collection, which retails between $55 and $860, is the perfect complement to her ever popular bridal and civil collections. Within the rehearsal collection, is the Baby Rime capsule. Perfect for the little ones in our lives, this collection features delicate offerings that are both comfortable and beautiful.

On her expansion, Arodaky says, “We want to accompany each and every bride-to-be, not only during her wedding day, but also throughout the whole experience. We’ve imagined pieces for the rehearsal dinner, reception, brunch, honeymoon, etc. The Rime Arodaky bride can find a look for every occasion and feel like a total rockstar.”

Undeniably elegant and feminine, the Rime Arodaky Rehearsal collection is the perfect addition to any bride-to-be’s wardrobe.

New York Bridal Market 2018 Baby Rime Capsule

Baby Rime Bridal Bridal Capsule 2018

Perfect for the little ones in our lives, this collection features delicate offerings that are both comfortable and beautiful.

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