NEW VIOLET FILE: 6 Ways to Wear Red Lipstick

“Red lipstick is more than just a color, it has a voice,” says CHANEL Beauty Ambassador Rachel Goodwin.

Rachel Goodwin original red-lip beauty tutorials in 6 ways to wear red lipstick

In an exclusive new story on The Violet Files starring supermodel and actress Amber Valletta, Goodwin transforms Valletta into a time-traveling beauty, starting in ancient Egypt and ending with the powerful, off-duty glamour of today.  In 6 Ways to Wear Red Lipstick, Goodwin recreates the hue’s biggest moments throughout history, and tells us how the beloved yet scrutinized shade made its mark on beauty history. In addition, she offers three original red-lip beauty tutorials.

With a penchant for beauty history and a wealth of trivia-worthy beauty facts, Rachel reminds us there’s nothing more alluring or enduring than a bold red lip. Here is Rachel’s Red Lip history and how to recreate the best looks today:

6 Ways to Wear Red Lipstick by Rachel Goodwin: The Metallic Lip

ON THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN RED LIP: Red is a color of passion, power and feminini­ty. Its legacy has lasted throughout history, starting from Queen Nefertiti’s bright, red lips. You won’t see a statue of her without them.

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6 Ways to Wear Red Lipstick by Rachel Goodwin: The Stained Effect

ON THE 18TH CENTURY RED LIP: The sensual flushed cheek and stained lip look, popularized by women of the eighteenth century, is as effective now as it was in King Louis XV’s royal French court. To achieve a similar look, apply red lipstick with your fingers to the center of the mouth, press lips together, and blot away excess pigment with a tissue. Dab the same lipstick onto cheeks for that just-pinched healthy glow.

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6 Ways to Wear Red Lipstick by Rachel Goodwin: The Vamp Lip

ON THE 1920S RED LIP: Women during the 1920s were exploring their masculine energy, it was the era of the “la garconne” look with embellished lips and eyes and men’s clothes. There was a feeling of rebellion and the idea of being vamp.

6 Ways to Wear Red Lipstick by Rachel Goodwin: Scarlet Matching Lips & Tips


ON THE 1950S RED LIP: Red was such a signature color of the 50s – it was beguiling. There was an air of sophisti­cation, particularly with the matching lip and nail look. That idea of matching still translates to today. I think the most elegant, chic look is when a woman has matching red lips and nails paired with a cotton t-shirt and jeans or a black suit.

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6 Ways to Wear Red Lipstick by Rachel Goodwin: The Velvet Lip

ON THE 1990S RED LIP: This is the girl who cares but not too much. She’s the sexy rebel. It’s not an exact science but she’s clearly slept in her makeup from the night before and in the morning she’s touched up her lipstick just a bit – she looks like she didn’t try, but she definitely did.

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6 Ways to Wear Red Lipstick by Rachel Goodwin: The Modern Lip

ON THE CURRENT RED LIP: The texture has to be perfect: It’s both creamy and matte, and not too shiny. Wear it with messy hair, almost no other makeup, and a leather jacket, and you will feel like you can take over the world.

Read the story, learn how to recreate three alluring looks with Rachel’s exclusive tutorials (and shop the looks), and get to know CHANEL celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin.

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