New trends in hair colors autumn-winter 2013/14: take a look to the celebs style!

The hair trends of the seasons are the blond with the red and brown colored tails. Catch up on the latest trends in hair colors and committed to a new look.

New trends in hair colors autumn-winter 2013/14 - Light sets

A hair specialist Andressa Santana, brings all the new trends in hair colors autumn-winter 2013/14 in coloring and keratin.

Light sets

This fall is reflecting back to the furiously light in the hair, Andressa Santana explained. “The color will increase your hair strength, creating light and shade, making bright deep browns and alternating basis wicks or clarity between the pearls and beige”. If you’re more daring and want to leave aside the classic, multicolored wicks and will also lead to thicker manes and long trendy touch.

Reddish tail

A couple of years ago and started the rage red, mahogany and copper, this season become hard these hair colors, now with an even more intense hue. To complete the hair color you can also check out must-have collection autumn winter 2013 2014

Nordic blonde

Andressa confirmed this; the Nordic blonde hair is the trends and very booming this season. Extra Blond platinum imposed clear and hard for all types of hair lengths. “This color is not conducive to all women, but it is perfect for radical cuts that are able to create a modern and sophisticated hairstyle, and they do much more highlight,” she says. The celebrity star like Miley Cyrus knows it and more than one model has focused on the famous pixie cut with a very light blond.

New trends in hair colors autumn-winter 2013/14, between red and brown lights blonde

Ranges of brown

The Browns are the blondes of this winter, the basis for creating highlights, mixing and matching. This year celebrities and ordinary people choose to tan in their many ranges: brown glaze with subtle honey strands, copper or chocolates. In media and semi cut short with a light touch, any mane charged an extra glamour. Brown streaked in natural golden, the must color of this season, the Brazilian forward. Check out also our previous topics on hairstyle and haircut trends fall-winter 2013 2014!

The coppery brown with streaks also take ranging from deep highlighting the various asymmetries and providing the light that we need at this station. And of course, chestnut pure almond and chocolate for brunettes are shades of winter.

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