New Nero Giardini shoes spring summer trends 2014: trendy collection for every occasion

Discover our preview of the shoes catalog Nero Giardini collection for spring summer 2014, the footwear brand for warm weather pointing once again on the comfort and the Made in Italy with brogues with low heels, sneakers, shoes and dress without forgetting the 2014 summer trendy boots decorated studs.

Nero Giardini shoes spring summer trends 2014: shoes catalog Nerogiardini trends 2014

Thanks to our picture of the shoes collection spring summer 2014 Nero Giardini is possible to discover patterns of shoes presented by the brand till now. The large space is dedicated to the sneakers, all in shades perfect for spring such as white, beige, gray and blue, colors that are often mixed together.

The sports shoes are mainly divided into two types, the sneakers feature a comfortable rubber wedge, and models with flat heel, often tipped in white plastic contrast, stylish Converse (do not miss the new collection for the warm season).

Among the most interesting footwear by Nero Giardini collection are the low heel brogues with and without laces in modern and trendy shoes available in two colors and perfect when paired with skinny pants. Discover all the selections of Denny Rose Spring Summer 2014 catalog!

For fashionistas who love the leggings or skinny jeans are the boots metallic leather decorated with studs in the shape of stars and squares, the shoes with studs are still among the fashion trends and the most popular these boots with pyramid studs, double zip and side buckle, will certainly in the hearts of many girls due to the design and glam rock unquestionable comfort.

Those with the studs are not the only boots available in the new Nero Giardini collection, there are also models in perforated leather with wooden heel slightly higher, the summer boots 2014 Black Gardens are also available in classic knee though, as demonstrated in the latest collections, new trends favor the boot, with or without heel.

Finally, let’s take a look at the proposals by the brand dress shoes: shoes classic model t bar, offered in cream or black, with a high stiletto heel, perfect to be worn with a suit.

Also with regard to the Nero Giardini men’s shoes spring summer 2014 there are interesting news, great emphasis is given to the comfortable shoes and suitable for everyday activities; models ranging from casual sneakers to loafers, especially the first ones are available in many variations, the total flat models with a small rubber wedge (the colors are the classic spring such as beige, blue and white, even mixed together).

After discovering a large part of the new Nero Giardini shoes spring summer trends 2014 can be interesting to find out something about the brand Nero Giardini, a brand that we keep an eye on many collections and who has never lived up to the expectations of its target.

First of all it is good to say that this is a brand made in Italy, Italian and who believe in the product that invests in the training of young people in the footwear sector, which is very rare especially at this time. The flagship stores are quite popular in Italy and abroad, plus there are plenty of authorized dealers that allow widespread distribution of these shoes. And here to check all the Nero Giardini sandals collection.

Behind the brand Nero Giardini is a valid business strategy that has allowed, in recent years, a record growth that shows no signs of stopping.

Now we just have to let the images of the new collection, stay tuned!

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