New enamels Sephora for summer 2014: colors and prices

If you love sparkling colors on your nails, Sephora is always for you, a key part of your look, the new enamels Sephora for summer 2014 have the most colorful collection for you. Sephora perfumery chain is the most widely used internationally and is not only known for the products of cosmetics and make-up of prestigious brands but also for a whole range of interesting new own brand. Recently, in fact, has launched glazes disposable while, earlier this year, has presented a new line of lipsticks long lasting.

New enamels Sephora for summer 2014: colors and prices

But what are the new enamels colors for the warm season? Sephora once again for the summer a few of its must-revised and updated for 2014, here to find out!

Nail enamels Sephora for summer 2014 collection is a new glaze with pigments that reflect light leaving an intense and lasting color. Love your nails with vibrant and beautiful colors in long lasting look. This collection is formulated with a unique combination of resins and waxes that cause rapid drying and a glow for at least 5 days. Let your nail completely covered in a single stroke. Check out also Chanel Le Lift Crème, smart skincare cream from Chanel!

For summer 2014 Sephora has decided to reinvent its mini varnishes – among the most purchased brand – giving life to the new Color Hit. It is a new line of enamels, always by the size rather pocket, made ​​in a packaging new and very ergonomic.

New enamels Sephora for summer 2014: colors and prices

The choice of colors on the new nail enamels Sephora for summer 2014 collection is very wide – as many as 52 shades – and make sure this little enamel – each vial contains 5 ml of the product – a collector’s item. If many tones are classic solid colors, others are much more specific and have glitter or flakes gold and silver that give the glaze a very glamorous mood. Here are the nail art trends for spring summer 2014!

What are the most fashionable colors for summer 2014? Personally I recommend the blue and red-orange hue of the most fashionable colors of summer 2014 and also the fuchsia is not to despise!

But how much they cost new Color Hit? The price is € 4.90, rather modest although it must still consider the fact that the quantity of product is minimal. To buy them will simply go into a Sephora store or, if you are the suffered shopping online, directly from the Sephora official website.

What do you think of the new glazes Sephora?

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