New collection spring summer 2014 Benetton kids: trendy and glamor for children

It’s time to take a few minutes even to the smallest of home, shopping is not a prerogative of the adult fashion. Here we present the new collection spring summer 2014 Benetton kids playing with prints and fantasy, as is fitting for the the little ones.

New collection spring summer 2014 Benetton kids: kids campaign stripes a-go-go

The new Benetton Baby collection for next spring-summer 2014 is focusing on fantasy prints: polka dots, flowers, lettering, check, stripes and so full of fun and joy, feelings of everyday life of a child. Take a look also at the new collection of Zara kids shoes 2014: trendy boots for boys and girls we have shown in recent days.

The basic line of the collection offers us easywear garments suitable for the eventful life of the smallest school or kindergarten, play and leisure: lots of colorful t-shirt, jeans and slacks, sweatshirts and outerwear for cooler days. For the girls there are also delicious in denim overalls and dresses with polka dot patterns taste very romantic and absolutely trendy.

For more elegant occasions and important in the life of a child, on Sunday, the performances and moments of social importance, Benetton kids for spring summer 2014 also offers the most sought after outfits like dresses with ruffles or with tulle inserts for girls or complete jacket and trousers for the boys that we present in the image gallery at the end of this article. Discover the new collection of Hogan Junior – Models and prices of kids sneakers trends that we presented for anticipating the trends for next hot season.

New collection spring summer 2014 Benetton kids: kids campaign polka dots

The new Benetton catalog dedicated to fashion junior devotes much space to the fantasies and the more casual garments representing the ideal world of the smallest game done and lightheartedness. The color palette revolves around the shades of dark blue and white, but there are more colorful and vibrant look especially through the wise use of prints must for next season: polka dots and stripes in the first place. Take a look at the gallery at the end: you will be excited about the new collection!

The Benetton fashion for children also for the next season spring summer 2014 will keep prices low and midrange make it accessible junior shopping without spending a fortune. All the major fashion trends are reproduced and reshaped into a mini version because even the smallest deserve their moment of glamour. The collection divides the proposals for ages: from infants up to pre and early teens, through children attending kindergarten and elementary school. After that you go to the adult collection of which we will speak soon in our updates and we do not want to anticipate anything yet, but it’s only a matter of days.

The new collection spring summer 2014 Benetton kids is available at the end of the sales going on at all the outlets of the brand, distributed in a very widespread on the Italian territory and therefore accessible to anyone in our beautiful country. Alternatively you can choose shopping online on the official website of Benetton where you can also find the latest proposals for autumn winter 2013 2014 in the balance referred to hoard.

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