New collection of summer shoes Fornarina 2014: glam and colorful!

The young fashion glows fluorescent colors and lively patterns in the new collection of summer shoes Fornarina 2014: flowers and tropical prints are protagonists together with the strict wedges emblem of the Italian brand. Here are all the trends!

New collection of summer shoes Fornarina 2014

When we talk instead of sneakers and sports shoes, new collection of summer shoes Fornarina 2014 facets become manifold. For almost mix of snow boots and shoes. Even the colors are much brighter and shout really want to live. Some Fornarina sneakers are a must have for the warm season. The internal wedge can transform your height without many problems. They are comfortable to have the foot and the heel inside the pants you will be better off.

New collection of summer shoes Fornarina 2014: sneakers

All lovers of this kind of shoes, you will be satisfied in fact the Fornarina shoes has churned out quite a bit. In previous years we have not seen for so bold and modern but now the brand and perfected and we cannot wait to see what the new proposals for the hot season. Of course we will not see materials so hot but no doubt some perforations model we will see.

The new collection of footwear designer Fornarina Spring Summer 2014 does not lose his mind and dares teen with colors and prints providing us with a stylish look and enviable in every situation. The wedges are as always at the center of the proposals of the brand through the summer sandals and sneakers, but no shortage of proposals lowest for those who prefer something easier.

New collection of summer shoes Fornarina 2014: floral wedge

For the summer of 2014 will be prerogative sandals with wedge in this collection are both plain and with tropical floral patterns or very bright, beautiful example with a long skirt style gypsy. Very provocative and entertaining the platform shoes with uppers of network presented in shocking neon colors like green or fuchsia dedicated to teenagers. Take a look also Fashion trend spring summer 2015 previews we have proposed in the past few days.

New collection of summer shoes Fornarina 2014: sandals

The new collection of shoes Fornarina 2014 spring summer is chic and mostly glamour. In the new catalog of footwear for summer, discover sophisticated models retro style tip as the neckline. Let’s go back far behind finding facets to mix and lover of old fashioned femininity. It means that the news has to be elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

New collection of summer shoes Fornarina 2014: pump shoe

The pumps are infused with vibrant colors and very intense, with prints or smaller with contrasting profiles. It narrows the tip though not for all models and the same goes for the cushy dancers. The Fornarina shoes collection for spring summer 2014, complete with some models of perforated or biker boots to wear with a nice pair of shorts this year that cannot miss in the wardrobe of a true fashion victim! If you have not already done so discover all the new Melissa shoes summer 2014 that we proposed in recent weeks.

What will be your choice for your summer shoes? Check out more selections at official Fornarina women’s shoes!

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