New Carpisa bags catalog 2014 with official prices

In times of economic crisis must be very careful in their pockets, but it is not always necessary to spend a lot in order to be fashionable. That’s why today, we show you the new Carpisa bags catalog 2014 with official prices.

New Carpisa bags collection 2014: Carpisa womens bag 2014

The new collection of Carpisa bags spring 2014 based on lines and clean shapes, embellished with bright colors and vitamins, from games of light and dark (the classic black and white) and floral prints.

New Carpisa bags collection 2014: bags Carpisa collection 2014

In this post we’ll show you, not only the individual models with its features, but also the pricelist of Carpisa bags, directly you can go to the right purchase to suit your needs.  You can also take a look at the new color by Manila Grace spring summer 2014 fashion collection.

The bag EGLE, it is available in 3 formats:

1) Egle handbag two colors (blue and blue) with pendant and metal accessories (€ 39.90),

2) Egle postman two-tone (blue-white-blue or beige) with shoulder strap (€ 29.90),

3) Egle bag bicolor (also in two colors) with detachable shoulder strap (€ 39.90).

Our post on the pricelist bags Carpisa continues with Amina model:

1) Bicolor tote bag (you can choose from 3 different color combinations), classic and modern at the same time (€ 22,90),

2) Bandolier zippered outer (€ 19.90)

3) Shopping in hand with detachable shoulder strap (€ 22.90) 4) top case with shoulder strap (€ 22.90). Check out the entire collection spring summer 2014 bags Carpisa.

The third Carpisa handbags proposed for spring 2014 is Placida:

1) Hand bag with ribs and stitching in a contrasting color (€ 25.90),

2) Folder handbag, with handles and detachable shoulder strap, available putty colors, leather or black (€ 29.90)

3) Shopping, convenient and practical (€ 25.90).

With Carpisa bags catalog 2014 with official prices you will also show the Ester model:

1) Shopping with personalized printing Carpisa and details in contrasting colors (€ 25.90),

2) Trunk (in 5 color combinations) with metallic accessories (€ 25, 90), and

3) The model is the most beautiful hand bag with shoulder strap and metallic accessories (€ 25.90).

Let’s get to the heart of floral prints with 2 models of the Venera.

1) The postman black multicolor there is a dip in the past. Closure with double buckle and strap (€ 29.90),

2) The bag Venera Queen, with handles and shoulder strap, which proposes a model of a large trend in recent seasons, in the original key, thanks to the all-over print flowers (€ 35.90).

Floral print for the line Vanessa: 1) the backpack Nylon (red, black or blue multicolor), with front zipper (€ 25.90), ideal for young women and for female students, and 2) bandolier (€ 17, 90),

3) Handbag (€ 25.90).

As for the pricing bags Carpisa line Carmen, the model handbag elegant is what the higher cost, or € 35.90. Here are the hand bag, soft material (€ 29.90) and the bandolier (€ 25.90). Here you can see all the new Prada briefcases collection 2014.

References to the Mexican-style bag, Teresa satchel, material grain buffalo and studs (beige / fuchsia, black, white / putty. 39.90 Euro), and the bag Teresa shopping hand (detachable shoulder strap. € 39,90).

Easy chic line Cleo:

1) Stylish shopping bag in hand saffiano effect, stone, metal and gold elements (€ 35.90),

2) The return of the model elegant Queen, for those who want to be more trendy, and 3) for the same style hand bag. The price of the model and Queen of the handbag is the same as the shopping bag.

We cannot mention in pricing handbags Carpisa also the romantic trunk Piera, with the precious heart-shaped charm that can be worn as an accessory (€ 29.90).

Elegant and modern, the soft shopping bag Germana is embellished with chains and metal details (€ 35.90) and the postman Germana with detachable shoulder strap (€ 29.90).

Now we leave in our extensive photo gallery of the new models of Carpisa bags with the price list and invite you to discover all the fashion spring summer 2014.

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