Neutral colors and natural make-up for spring summer 2013

Neutral colors, such as the delicate powder pink are perfect on many occasions because of its elegant. If you choose them for clothing you can combine it with natural make-up in some detail gold or bronze, or choose a total transparent look because the neutral makeup emphasizes the natural color and it is very sexy. To make it more intriguing look, just fade brown eye shadow on the eyelid, intensifying the product to the outside as proposed by Jean Paul Gaultier for spring-summer 2013.

Neutral colors spring-summer 2013 - Catwalk - Blugirl dress

The Blugirl dress, the suitable dresses for young girls; it is confirmed the sample of sweet and naive sensuality. About mesh interspersed with thin bands peek-a-boo effect, making it head mat to “modify” a pleasure with bijoux folk (as long chains with medallions metal), high heels or ballet flats. And with a hair loose and flowing, the bucolic mood is guaranteed.

Combine the transparent makeup for the eyes with firmer make-up. Make the complexion with natural and fresh products as light as a liquid foundation or, if you have special discoloration, a bb cream that evens out the color. Stretch a gloss on the lips and make up eyes with a smoky current, enlivened by a metallic eye shadow and bright inner corner of the eye. The fashionable inspiration trick by Versace fashion show.

Roomy, perfect for the beginning but elegant: the Akris bag will definitely on the top list chosen by the celebrity stars and supermodels for a business trip. It is carried in the hand model basket, but also a shoulder strap with maximum comfort, in order not to spoil even the most flawless look with men’s jacket.

The metallic effect can also be achieved on the natural lips as proposed by Marant. Just choose a gloss with metallic effect with specks of gold and spread only in the center of the mouth.

The wide heel shoe, round toe and a strap is a must-have to look like a real doll. Especially in these creamy tones, that Veronique Branquinho chooses for its timeless classic style. Brings a suit but with a little exuberant, at the risk of appearing too “schoolgirl” look.

Neutral colors spring-summer 2013 - Make-up - Transparent makeup Alberta Ferretti Shows

The newest neutral lipsticks have a touch metallic effect. Alberta Ferretti for spring-summer 2013 offers a light golden tone at the center of natural pink lips, but instead of being bright is slightly opaque.

The Chloe dress has it all … except for the evening shade! Precisely for this reason it is confirmed suitable for cocktails at the end of the afternoon, and even marriages (not being properly “white”). But with regard to color, this effect will be studied down to the sand reflection for its inherent dangerous side: to bring up all of a sudden the color decidedly yellowish. Green light blush and brilliant lip gloss pulling with maxi necklace.

To get sexy lips, do a light scrub and apply a lip balm to moisturize. If you want to color the mouth choose a simple colored lip balm.

Institutional, feminine and elegant, what else do you expect for a single bag? Miu Miu never makes a mistake with its rigorous but versatile bags design. Carried in the hand, and with brilliant leather is also suitable for the office but did not have anything to do with the classic folders for the workaholics.

To give light effect to the bare makeup, stretch golden eye shadow only to the inner corner of the eye, as proposed by Alberta Ferretti at the Fashion Shows spring-summer 2013. In this way, the eye will also appear larger. To avoid encumbering the makeup, applies a thin layer of black or brown mascara.

It is the one proposed by Mulberry with a remix of style: the maxi pea coat nail effect, apparently sport has nothing to casual if chosen in this pastel color, impalpable in all shades of pink candy. It’s suitable for blondes with porcelain skin.

Enhance the nude look by putting a sand-colored eye shadow with specks of gold, as in this case: Shimada makeup for spring-summer 2013 glows with a bright eye shadow with no mascara.

Nicole Farhi proposes it in the classic beige, lit by a subtle luminosity. And with its thick pleats, is portable from morning till night, with jeans and suits.

Branquinho also adds a metallic touch and neutral tones to the makeup, but it does so using bronze as a thick line rhyme on top of the eye and eyelashes.

From the better street-style ideas, you can see beautiful models on lightweight fabric and muted shades on the catwalk, combined with a mélange T-shirt and white pants with ice. It’s an awesome idea to be copied to combine solar shades for both day and evening. And the light is assured.

A neutral rose and a cool tone like that Amaya Arzuaga for the make-up spring-summer 2013 befits the last remnants of summer to have a look nice and fresh.

The choice of Valentino – in silhouette color – it is just right to wear the red carpet too long without feeling. About the color suffused and three-quarter sleeves, wide and Renaissance. Even the neckline is not too pronounced reveals feminine, not to exceed: so for a party (or with flip flops for a drink special) does not pass unnoticed … but not out of place.

Almost cannot see the pencil line drawn thin Marrore rhyme on top of the eye as proposed by Sacai for spring-summer 2013. On the basic eyelid, make light by passing a primer for make-up and stretch black mascara or, if you prefer more discreet, brown.

Pink is super feminine, but combined with the black immediately wins more oomph. The super-chic pink cleavage is demonstrated by Pedro Lourenco, with strap and contrasting heel. To make it perfect, avoid the excessively genteel mood that many girls do not like, even when the occasion demands a perfect elegant look. And for more formal occasions, by contrast, ensures impeccable class without falling into boredom!

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