Nero Giardini sandals summer 2014 collection: new trends of elegant women’s footwear catalog

Comfort, style, class and elegance are the hallmarks of the summer 2014 Sandals Black Gardens, which provide impetus to the female figure, but without suffering: abound, as well, wedges and heels wide medium-high, but also sandals.

Nero Giardini sandals summer 2014 collection: Giardini spring 2014 sandal collection

The company, which operates in the heart of the footwear district of Fermo and Macerata, is led by the Sole Henry Bracalente, which since 1998 has brought the brand Nero Giardini success thanks to lines shoes, clothing and accessories strictly MADE IN ITALY.

Just yesterday we told you about the new clothing collection for spring summer 2014 Nero Giardini and today we cannot fail, therefore, to present the perfect completion of an out-fit weblog Nero Giardini. And here we are discussing about more precisely footwear, the line of sandals summer 2014 Black Gardens. You can also discover the new shoes spring summer collection 2014 ZARA TRF!

In this collection, the new trends of women’s footwear catalog are mainly wedges and sandals with a low heel style Positano, though (for feminine touch, don’t want to give up a few inches at most) no shortage of medium-high-heeled footwear.

WEDGES. The collection of wedge sandals summer 2014 collection Nero Giardini  are characterized by dynamic interweaving of strings of different thicknesses depending on the model, and ankle strap. The materials used for the strings are of great quality such as leather, suede or patent leather. Prevail, the colors, the sand, the leather and white, with variations in red, blue or black. The wedge can be cork, or present a geometric design with brand logo; on other models, however, the upper part of the wedge is machined, while the part of the plateau is composed of a layer of woven raffia and a cork. Discover the look man spring summer 2014 Nero Giardini. Here to see the trendy women’s accessories of FORNARINA handbags spring summer 2014.

MEDIUM-HIGH HEEL. Remember the journey of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte in “Sex & The City 2?!” The 4 women, the unforgettable icons of style, have not been able to give up clothes and glamor footwear even in the dunes of the desert. And the Nero Giardini sandals summer 2014 collection with heel medium-high heat would have been perfect with their outfits! The colors here, too, are those of earth (sand, ivory and red leather). The heel (in cork or wood), although it’s not the low heel, it is wide, and then always convenient, thanks also to the plateau. The play of interweaving strings (always in suede, leather or patent leather) and it’s available in different ways, finishing with ankle strap or with zipper behind the heel.

The same materials and colors for sandals that you will see in the photo gallery above. And now follow us for the latest accessories for women by many famous brands!

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