Nero Giardini sandals for summer trends 2013: open toe, wedges, clogs and totally flat

After showing the Nero Giardini collection spring summer trends 2013, we are now entering into the details of sandals summer the famous brand made ​​in Italy. As we anticipated, the models and designs of the sandals are varied and always in the name of convenience. In the photo gallery you will find all the models of Nero Giardini 2013 sandals for the summer to find out what the best and trendy footwear for you.

Nero Giardini sandals for summer trends 2013 models1

The Italian brand of shoes you always distinguished for the great quality of the materials used in the creations and elegant design and comfortable for women to get totally great femininity look.

Nero Giardini sandals for summer trends 2013 models2

The trendy sandals 2013 are presented in heel with open toe and ankle strap version, made ​​even more comfortable by the plateau a few inches in height. The heels are not staggering, reaching at most 10 cm versions also more aggressive with the straps crossed at the ankles.

Among the options suede sandals in natural colors like beige and cream, but also sometimes embellished with leather rhinestone decorative braids or very trendy. If you like the shoes with sparkling effect can browse the catalog spring summer 2013 Miu Miu shoes.

Who does not wear heels, Nero Giardini 2013 dedicates on completely flat sandals or wedge definitely more comfortable version of high heels, but do not lose in style and glamor. Delicious straps paint red are both in total and in the flat wedges to wrap your feet in seductive colored strips.

Nero Giardini sandals for summer trends 2013 models3

Other models, designs and styles are seen the intertwined skin in wide stripes with flakes off to create very feminine look. Always among the models are flat sandals with flowers in leather attached to lists or simpler models in black leather cross.  Regarding wedges, Nero Giardini offers patent models and designs with leather wedge rope and fabric.

The famous brand that is also presented in fashion collection summer 2013 mens shoes trends, available here.

NG also offers  clogs  with a low wooden wedge heel and wide, decorated with small studs, trend this season and offered again in the  summer collections of bags of different brands.