Natural Beauty Skin Care Product Revolution

A new survey reveals that beauty product ingredients are way less regulated than everyone thinks. The truth is, many personal-care products we use every day on our skin, in our hair and in our babies’ bathtubs, contain chemicals with known links to health issues, with no warnings to consumers. The current Johnson & Johnson case is just the tip of the iceberg. As the industry struggles to find a definition for what natural and/or organic are, and while people are grappling with what and who to believe, Deborah Burnes, founder of Sumbody Skin Care, is helping to empower consumers as the leading expert in the field of natural cosmetics and personal care products.  Lauded as being “at the forefront of the natural beauty product revolution,” Deborah has amassed a loyal following.

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In her new book: NATURAL BEAUTY SKIN CARE: 110 Organic Formulas for a Radiant You! (Rockridge Press; February 23, 2016) Deborah shares her simple, budget friendly, effective skin care recipes to transform your beauty regimen naturally. For consumers who are looking to create all-natural skin care products and remove harsh chemicals from their daily routine, NATURAL BEAUTY SKIN CARE offers something for everyone, from seasoned beauty product DIYers to those just dipping a toe into homemade skin care. Her effective, all-natural face, body, and hair recipes include decadent treats like Honey & Chia Seed Cleanser; Oil & Tea Makeup Remover Pads; Turmeric, Yogurt & Honey Mask; Sparkling Wine, Rose & Clay Mask; Age-Defying Serum; Argan Oil Shampoo, and Beach ‘Do Spray.

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