Must-have Collection Autumn Winter 2013 2014: always come with the new trends!

What you just cannot miss in your wardrobe, which is the must-have fall winter 2013 2014, you’ll find out by reading this section. To start with and not be off guard, make a fashionable tartan head, and a wool bag, high-heels shoes and strong boots open style.

Must-have Collection Autumn Winter 2013 2014 - Bird sweatshirts Stella McCartney


For some years it is not winter without a pair of leggings, pants or substitutes to almost, obviously the stockings are inescapable and accessory of the season, whether or not worked, covering much or little.

We used to do a top ten list of must-have, this only to begin to heat the wood in the fireplace, because, as a must have, the list is long and even firewood.

It’s start with the 10 fantastic must-have collections:

  • The duffel. For men, it came back a few years ago, for women this winter will be the boom. This outerwear is paired with short skirts and high heels;
  • Jacket with shoulder pads is a classic of the 80s fashion but finished in the new fashion trends autumn winter 2013 2014;
  • Corto Maltese suit style, the masculine cut jacket and trousers marinara;
  • Oversized coat, two or three sizes too big. The catwalks are full of it: Max Mara, Stella McCartney, Asos;
  • Stylish camouflage contaminates from head to foot: jackets, pants, hats and shoes;
  • Studs are perfectly in line with the style and hard rock, must-have of the next winter styles;
  • Tweed coat in Scottish style;
  • Pencil skirt, no longer simply called Pencil. The pencil skirt is worn in a high waist and knee;
  • Heeled loafer;
  • Boots tube, black is the main color but if want to have fun with cornflower blue and animal prints.


Having established the fact that the previous steps were just a taste, let us see the other must-have collection autumn winter 2013 2014 by the rings in the shape of an eagle biker jackets to grunge, from the sweatshirts to vinyl skirts with swallows.

The feathered- swallows, eagles, swans invade the scenes of the fashion sweatshirts and sweaters have prints with birds for the protagonists. You can opt for these examples: the Stella McCartney sweater with the eagle print or Pull & Bear with two swans.

You cannot miss the accessory like the many jewels in the shape of an eagle (one of them is Asos), in short, that wearing them is clearly a bad girl or so it seems.

By contrast there is the floral dress in autumn colors, fantasy attributable to the 90’s: red roses on black background, shades of burgundy, pink and brick and many other clothing in the collections Pull & Bear, Mango and Zara.

At the foot must be worn, necessarily, male shoes with sole amphibian in combination with trousers, skinny, skirts college, minimal clothing. They can make the idea of these shoes masculine black ones with the zipper of Cheap Monday, the lace-studded Serafini Etoile sneaker and shoes, spikes, military style of Robert Clergerie. In the collection you will also see the boots to be worn open, and the buckles that make up the enrichment; moccasins are another must-have, with little wedge and classic tassels, as in moccasins.

The look is very strong English college; fashionable tartan joined together with starched collars, tartan garments Asos dress and River Island are a perfect example the must-have fall winter 2013 2014.

The coats must be colored, especially in orange. The cut is tailored, again returns to the line masculine and oversized. Among the good examples of the woolen coat Asos or orange coat with narrow shoulders of Stella McCartney.

Directly from the 90s back grunge, checkered jackets with these oversized.

The minimal white shirt with a narrow collar and traditional cut, straight or slightly flared is another must (white shirt Mango).

The skirts in black leather (even burgundy), typically 70s are high-waisted and combined with blouses and shirts, appear among the must-have along with skirts in the paint, the effect almost vinyl (leather color of the skirt Asos, for example).

Do not forget the bags in wool, patterned tartan and tweed, among them the clutch in multicolor tweed Chanel.

The rock musical inspiration (see Gas Jeans 2013 2014) rock, grunge and punk outerwear infect with the return of the nail.

It did not lose share, for autumn winter 2013 2014, the femme fatale with the long mermaid dresses and maxi-coats, capes and skirts taste a little retro.


The whiteness of white and cream invades the catwalk in relation to autumn winter 2013 2014; contrast is also the all-black, deep black as night. Pantone presented, for the next season, the usual report on the nuances that will color the outfits for autumn winter 2013-2014.

The Green retains a position of prestige in the nuances Linden Green (green mixed with the effect slightly yellow fluorescent) and Deep Lichen Green (olive green / moss). The dark gray will be the protagonist of winter, seemingly staid can be combined with the most vibrant colors to create a unique look, but if you prefer the plain and gray, the outfit will be very urban and chic.

Back to the purple tinge in Acai, intense, mysterious, blue is one of Mykonos Blue, however, the CArafe is a mix of coffee and chocolate; fineries for the R samba bone and the deep pink and glittering, said Vivacious.


The lips should never be neglected, having said that, for the season autumn-winter 2013-2014 fashion lipsticks go dark and intense as those of  Chanel Make up collection: purple, dark red, burgundy, chocolate brown, black are the colour trends fall winter 2014.

Against eyes loaded with red paint whether feline eyeliner and mascara good dose, the lips will be dominated by intense colors and sometimes dark. Stay with us for the latest news in fashion and style, a must-have collection for the next fall winter 2013 2014.

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