Milan Fashion Show: men’s collection for spring summer 2014

Massimiliano Giorgetti has designed the next Spring Summer 2014 men’s fashion collection for the brand Salvatore Ferragamo. You can see some models wearing the fashionable collection on the catwalk, the men’s fashion trends 2014 are marched in elegance but it also has casual look at the same time. You can discover the pictures on our gallery such as Bermuda shorts that come above the knee to match with the shirt, and the waistcoat, or with the opposite of colored T-shirts in shades of green, orange, red and ocher. Trendy tailored jackets contrasted with gladiator sandals, maxi bags and backpacks. There is so much white chosen by the designer but the touch of joy can be found on the ties with the numbers printed.

Men's trendy collection spring summer - Milan Fashion Show 2014

Versace men embrace the sporty style in its highest forms, where the trendy style and sacrifice are the necessary elements to reach the finish line. Donatella Versace who applied the same method to try to quit smoking, it was inspired by the inner strength to present some models with athletic body, able to dress on formal and elegant lines perfectly and adapted through the catwalk: the classic apparel like pants turns into a Bermuda short and colorful belts close the waist and the trendy jackets. You can see the popping splashes of color here and there from bright yellow, pink marker to bright blue for strong color combinations that capture the nature of the playful and aggregative sport.

Slim fit, graphic accents and retro styles were brought to greet the upcoming trends. The Spring Summer 2014 Bottega Veneta opens with classic suits in shades of gray and still inspired by the charm of the past with polo shirts, cardigans, sweaters and graphic combinations that reach the pinnacle in the use of lines that form squares in contrasting tones white and black. The men’s fashion collection Spring Summer 2014 is dominated by the cool colors such as green, purple and burgundy. The inspirations are born from the designer who cleverly alternates the discretion and the trendy style to the joy of leisure time. It is all under the creative direction of Tomas Maier.

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