Michael Kors S/S 2014 NYFW: timeless chic, led by top model Karolina Kurkova

Fashion designer Michael Kors knows what the modern and highly fashionable stylish woman wants – An outfit that is simple and communicates a high level of elegance despite youthful sportiness – a modern jet-set attitude for the confident woman.

Michael Kors Spring / Summer 2014 at NYFW - White safari-inspired

Michael Kors Spring / Summer 2014 at NYFW

This attribute allows the designer was very popular in America, Michael Kors at this year’s New York Fashion Week once again just as he presented his new Spring / Summer Collection 2014 in a packed Lincoln Center.

Led by top model Karolina Kurkova, who presented with a floral print for elegant coat in a sexy snow white swimsuit, feminine look in green floral skirt, the models showed more subtle looks with a touch of retro. Especially the images with pencil and circle skirts are reminiscent of the 40’s and 50’s fashion.

To opposite the past collections, he set the new trends with clear themes covers, the fashion designer Michael Kors remembers in the coming fashion season on classic designs and discrete colors – the woman with style will love the blue, brown, green and many other trendy tones!

Adorable feminine creations are the fashion of transparent chiffon patterned and also the high slots provide the most elegant and timeless chic look, which give the collection despite the color & cut choice a modern touch.

An Absolute highlight – The high quality colored snake print on skirts and accessories like bags, belts and high heels.

Looking forward to the next summer 2014, Michael Kors makes us already with slight Mille Fleurs designs. Similarly, a favorite of the collection is the low-cut Marlene pants. At Michael Kors Spring / Summer 2014 at NYFW combines the broad leather belt – An absolutely timeless outfit!

At New York Fashion Week, you can see also the footwear trends Michael Kors shoes by the next summer.

All in all, fit the Michael Kors Spring / Summer 2014 collection not only on current trends, but relies largely on timeless chic. His enthusiastic customers thank the designer since the founding of the label in 1981.

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