Menswear Gucci spring summer 2015: sober tones men’s fashion collection

At Milan Fashion Week paraded the new collection of menswear Gucci spring summer 2015 that shows the naval officer in salsa rock. The free spirit of rock and elegance of navy uniforms express themselves in this new line of clothing. Discover the new collection with the signing of Italian designer Frida Giannini.

Menswear Gucci spring summer 2015 at Milan fashion week

The Creative Director of Gucci, Frida Giannini gives the best of herself in the details: gold buttons from cadet insignia that loom on the wrists, arms from the Naval Academy, the horizontal and vertical lines. The elegance of the uniform marinara is condensed with the class of Gucci in an exemplary manner. The walkway has marked the fashion and nostalgic rock to the tune of the temples, a young British band.

Menswear Gucci spring summer 2015 mens catalog

As we can see on the catwalk of Milan Fashion Week, the color palette of the new collection of menswear Gucci spring summer 2015 consists of sober tones: navy blue, black, red, white, beige and green oil. No fancy except for vertical or horizontal lines that contaminate the clothing as accessories. Discover also the new collection of clothing Emporio Armani men’s catwalk SS 2015 we presented a few days ago.

Menswear Gucci spring summer 2015 men's suit

The collection offers complete with shorts ankle showcasing shoes, especially classic loafers. We also find jackets and striped trousers dedicated to the most original and stylish men. The coats are expressed in particular in waterproof trench coat and blazer. Check out all the style Versace men’s spring summer 2015 collection in the previous topic.

Menswear Gucci spring summer 2015 red and blue

At the foot of the models during the fashion show Gucci spring summer 2015 menswear, sneakers boat are comfortable and simple, while among the most glamorous accessories of the collection are the scarves and necklaces made ​​of horn and onyx. The bags are mostly messenger bags and shoulder bags in leather or cowhide to alligator.

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