Mens wear winter 2013 2014: Simple steps on how to wear a scarf for men

The scarf is a key leader in the wardrobe and in the look of every man, a must-have mens wear in the cold season.

How to wear a scarf for men - Trendy winter accessory

We saw it in all the catwalks of winter fashion accessory and it is undoubtedly more than others can adapt to different looks: it can be worn with a sweater or become more casual chic over a coat. They come in all types: from small and short to wear as a scarf those long hot to wrap around the neck several times. The colors to choose for the scarves are all shades of gray as well as dark red, blue, orange and multicolor patterns for the winter.

So for the total gray, a light scarf of Emporio Armani in warm shades of burgundy or medium-length Etro color scorched earth scarf, it is able to reboot the sober look in the winter. For a more casual look, pick the multicolored scarf by Paul Smith or the Blue Band of Outsiders, perhaps with details in contrast, such as a written or a fantasy strip. Stay on this article below for more detail on how to wear a scarf for men to prepare for the next mens wear trends winter 2014.

With the preppy look, nothing better than a wool scarf by fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, it is wrapped around the neck in the nuances of lead or smoke, preferably combined with a very gentleman in tweed trousers. Not only combinations evening, however, because the wool blends well with the down jacket, preferably wrapped tightly around the neck and preferably not heavy wool, not to risk the effect padded high mountains.

You do not know how to wear a scarf for men? Here is a practical tutorial, which will suggest some tips to fold up. And in the gallery above, discover the five scarves and the five total look that we have chosen for you.

In the cold season, scarf has dual function: to shelter from the cold and give a different style of mens wear. With a bit of creativity and skill in tying it, you can get a nice visual effect that will make your look more “stylish.”

And if you really want to know how to wear a scarf for men, it is not hard it takes less than a minute to learn how to wear a scarf, so you can take your scarf and started to practice by following these simple instructions:


It’s not exactly like the Simple Knot you learned before, but it is the simplest method to wear a scarf for men among the existing nodes and surely already know.

In practice it is the node that you see the scarf of children who go to school. Since it is not appropriate to tighten it around your neck is not too suitable for shelter from the cold of a late winter but it’s fine for the fall and again when the temperature is not cold.

How to wear a scarf for men - Simple knot

Take the scarf put it around his neck, dropping the two free ends on the front. Take the two ends and tie as if you were starting to do the lace shoes. Pull the flaps knotted to adjust the height of the node and tighten it in the desired manner.


It’s just a matter of scarf around the neck leaving both the edges of the scarf hanging on the front. You can incorporate them into your jacket or vacate. This is a useful method to protect them from the bitter cold. You can use scarves court.

How to wear a scarf for men - Easy rider

Take the scarf, wrap once around the neck, leaving the two ends hang down in front. The game is done. Adjust the space between your neck and the scarf depending on whether you want more ‘or less close to the neck.


This is a simple variant of the previous node and can be indicated in a particularly windy day to prevent the lap dissolves.

How to wear a scarf for men - Rider with knot

One proceeds as for the ride simple but are knotted with a simple knot the two ends of the scarf on the front.


If the weather is cold is fine to use in a scarf wrapped around, but if the cold is really biting the double turn is ideal and it requires a longer scarf.

How to wear a scarf for men - Two round

Take the scarf and wrap it twice around the neck, leaving the two short flaps hanging on the front. That’s all. The double spin on a turtleneck sweater is ideal when you are in the mountains in winter. As we have seen in the previous method, if the scarf is long enough you can make a knot at the two edges.


Also called node Parisian or European level this is the no. 1 of nodes to the scarf is a universal researches. Okay it is always to go to the office or to the stadium. Its effect is better on scarves rather long and wide.

How to wear a scarf for men - French knot

Take the scarf and fold it in half length-wise. Put it in the neck and take the two ends (the left with your left hand and the right side with your right hand) and let them meet, slipping one end through the loop formed on the other. Pull and adjust the width according to your needs. To undo the knot you run the process in reverse.


 This method is suitable when wearing a suit, and does very “English style”. The scarf is suitable for medium length.

How to wear a scarf for men - Formal crossing

Put the scarf down the neck by entering the flaps under the jacket side. Cross the end of a flap over the other and bring it under the buttons of his jacket. The effect you get is like the picture below:

How to wear a scarf for men - Under jacket side


This knot, when you realized, it looks like a tied knot and it is ideal for those who love the simplicity but elegance. This method is especially suited to silk scarves, knotted that in this way, in addition to get extremely chic look, make that the same is not scarf joints, which can happen due to the type of fabric slippery, or for scarves in cotton or flax.

How to wear a scarf for men - Fake knot

Put the scarf around the neck; tie a knot in a piece of it! Take the other flap and insert it into the loop of the node that you have previously made. Tighten the knot to achieve the desired effect.

Those are some simple steps on how to wear a scarf for men to get more chic and sophisticated look and a bit easier than other methods. Stay in touch with us for the latest news and trends on mens wear winter 2014 and other tips to wear accessories.

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