Men’s sweatshirts spring 2014 trends: Adidas, Franklin & Marshall, Kenzo, Givenchy, H & M and more

They are the most practical and versatile clothes to wear for leisure and sport, men adore fashion and the many new features in each season. That’s the most fashionable collection of men’s sweatshirts spring 2014 trends from the trusted brands: Adidas, Franklin & Marshall, Kenzo, Givenchy, H & M and many others.

Men’s sweatshirts spring 2014 trends: jacket collection for men SS14 fashion trends

The flavors available in various collections of clothing men’s fashion show us sweatshirts with front zip open, the presence or absence of the cap, patterns and short sleeve asymmetrical zip. The sweatshirt for excellence is rich in prints more or less vivid, but never excessive: details of tropical vegetation to Zara, Franklin & Marshall, faccioni dogs for HM, bold tigers for Kenzo and so on. Browse our new catalog also of trendy casual style Hogan Men’s Shoes Spring Summer 2014 we presented a few days ago.

The alternative is the prints or plain characterized by mini or maxi brand logo on the chest or sleeve as it happens for Lacoste, Abercrombie, or the more sporty Adidas. The color, however, must be lively like apple green, red, orange or pink, there are even more classic shades like gray, black or white. Have you seen the new collection of the best men’s suit trends 2014 collection we presented a few days ago?

Men’s sweatshirts spring 2014 trends: Zara jacquard hoodie sweatshirt

The sweatshirt is a versatile garment that is suitable to be worn with a simple pair of jeans or a pair of casual pants for leisure or gym. The new men’s sweatshirts spring 2014 trends collection is available in a wide range of choice on the market; it offers us many possibilities of combination and personal taste. Enjoy the best picks of fashion in the photo gallery at the end of the article and get ready to shop for the upcoming season!

Discover more with us all the latest trends for spring 2014 from the most loved brands and designers. Many style tips, new collections and catalogs men’s fashion trends can be found in the category.

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