The best men’s suit trends 2014 collection

The wedding season is upon us and with it also the dilemma of “What do I wear?” Not only are the women to go crazy in front of the delivery of an invitation, men also having these problems especially if you are not accustomed to wearing a formal look. Here is a selection of the best men’s suit trends 2014 collection.

Men's suit trends 2014 collection: formal wear trends for men

Whatever type of event is important that you need to attend a wedding or an important meeting, or a degree or an evening of great elegance, do not forget that the whole is pretty much a requirement. For those accustomed to the jacket and trousers in the office, it will not be difficult to put on and choose an elegant dress, while those who are not unaccustomed may feel constrained in their movements and inadequate, but do not despair because once you find the kind of complete that best enhances do not forsake more.

Men's suit trends 2014 collection: Burberry modern fit satin mens-suit

The complete two or three pieces for men are always the best solution, especially in the more traditional shades: dark blue, light gray, dark gray, black. For important occasions let go of the fantasies that some brand offers, why are not suitable unless you’re Lapo Elkann, that goes with everything. Even for white and light colors very careful because there are very few men who are doing well these shades. Black is always the color more elegant. The catalog of Brioni, best men’s suit trends 2014 collection, for example, proposes complete easy that maybe they can do for you.

Another myth is that men’s suits have a major cost. Some names in men’s fashion are certainly not to everyone, but others have a much more accessible price, and in any case difficult to remember that complete style for men go out of fashion and therefore the cost will be amortized over time. In the gallery we propose formal dresses of various brands: Canalli, Prada, Armani to Carlo Pignatelli, from Tommy Hilfiger to Dolce & Gabbana. Even Zara clothing for men, for example, is a good idea from the point of view of price as we have shown in the article a few days ago.

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