Men’s handbags trends for the next season spring summer 2014

Here we will talk about men’s handbags collection for upcoming season 2014. This news will give pleasure to all those men who used to put keys, wallet, mobile phone and cigarettes in the pockets of their jeans or coats, or even worse, but with the handbags we can put those things practically. A habit that does not like at all the designers of the men’s handbags trends for the spring summer 2014 have sent a clear message on the men’s catwalks, thinking of a contemporary style accustomed not only for travelling pleasure but also for work.

Catwalk - Etro handbags mens trends 2014

These men’s handbags collection are designed perfectly to put the iPad, a change of clothes, personal items to bring on  hands or shoulders, as you can see the pictures on the gallery the models walked through the catwalk proudly carry the bags with various designs, styles and colors trends for the next spring summer 2014. There you can also discover the more casual handbags are designed with colorful prints and patterns, eccentric, and the more series, flexible, stiffer and capacious design. However, the big size handbags are also designed to be a comfortable choice to be held firmly by the hand, one of the most popular brand such as Prada has proposed full of bright flowers, oriental fantasies and more feminine looks, solid but a blinding orange Louis Vuitton handbags for men, Tod’s men has focused on elegance and classic style with the Double Stripe calf leather, and taupe colored bands, while white is the color of Philipp Plein, Armani and Moncler handbags collection for men spring summer 2014. You can also check other trendy bag brands from popular designers such as; Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Etro, Gucci and others.

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