Men’s hairstyle and haircut trends summer 2013 2014

The men hairstyles are now becoming popular among the female because although we have seen what are the trends in men’s hair that are going to take on this season. Now we will review the top trends men’s hair 2014.

Mens trends haircut 2014

The seasons change and we need to change the look: it is not a prerogative of women, men can also be renewed! Let’s begin with men’s hairstyle 2013 2014: it is time to give it a rest!

The men’s catwalks for summer 2013 show a strictly short hair cuts and provide clean and precise, which highlight the features of the face. The fashionable men’s hairstyle for the summer trends 2013 suggests three trends: long tuft, smooth and disheveled haircut.

The tuft massive is popular during the winter season and it remains a must for hairstyle today: bring on the eyes to soften your face or combed backwards with a slight touch of gel, it’s the style for those who look tidy. The tuft lends itself well to be modeled in different ways with different fastener products, from the gel to the wax until the lacquer, but do not overdo it on wet hair which is no longer current and it is too “teen”.

It is also appreciated disheveled and rock haircut for men who is suitable for straight, wavy or curly hair and offers a fresh and perky for men’s style. The hair, however, should never be left as it happens: the effect should be carefully disheveled sought!

The short haircut shaved on the sides and slightly longer at the center is very militaristic and is perfect for those who have very regular features: it is easy, dressy and very convenient especially in the summer season.

As for the color, the designers suggest warm and very natural hair color. The naturalness, “tweaked” with some fixing products, is the trends for men of the summer 2013 2014.

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