Men’s fashion trends – colors and patterns for spring / summer 2013

Printed, metallic, plaid and stripes colors have become “a must-have” for the spring – summer men’s fashion trends 2013. Men’s fashion also points to these keys, so this season leaves no room for boredom within menswear. The big fashion houses make their proposals so that men do not go unnoticed on the gray asphalt but sometimes carried Street are excessive. We give you the keys to using this fashion trends for men.

Mens fashion trends - trendy color for men

This is the year of vitamin colors and suits those stained with saturated tones that sit so well with dark skin. The slogan is to leave the discretion of hand, breaking the seriousness of the tailor and launch the ‘total look’ in red, strawberry or yellow men’s fashion trends 2013. The color does not detract one iota of elegance to men’s suit, we checked in the proposed Gucci Mugler (models in red and pink), yes, you get to focus all eyes on anyone who dares unreservedly to abide by this proposal. The stylist Brad Goreski has already experienced in costume (yellow).

The ‘sportswear’ dresses in the color called ‘tangerine tango’, it is very suitable dressed along with yellow, most times it has risen to the catwalk this spring / summer 2013. Ferragamo (left photograph) it mixed with blues and greens that give man an unmistakable sporty, Tian Lang Guan golfer is a clear example. Another possibility is to shorten the monochrome tailored suit pants and replace the blazer for a cardigan or sweater ‘oversize’, a much more ‘cool’ and appropriate for the city.

To not give both the note, singers like Justin Bieber and Joe Jonas with the color of their pants on black or white (too much popularity to go as identified by the street). Jesus Vazquez optically reduces the intensity of his pants turquoise with indigo jersey completing the ‘outfit’ with a spring wardrobe staple, the black bomber.

The pastel colors are another trend for the color trends spring summer 2013 for men. A stylist, who can remember the classic ‘playboy’ of the ‘Dolce Vita‘ in the proposed Gucci, tie and loafers or, as in Canali, is modernized with boots. The singer is pointed to celestial rabid playing ‘matchy’, this controversial trend to combine the colors with some accessories, in this case the gray of the T-shirt with their boots.

Those men, who are not comfortable with sorbet or saturated colors, can choose formal colors like blue or green leaf. In formal events and night blue velvet is a big bet like Eddie Redmayne brand Burberry and daytime attire acts ‘Riviera Blue’ in Tom Ford that the actor wisely mixes with skin color shoes. The ‘total look’ of Gucci to which dares Robert Pattinson avoids excesses but also the boredom.

The ‘street style’ leaves us pictures of how to mix the colors ‘candy’ depending on the age and activity of each. From the stylish young man dares to compose of the base stylist color he preferred to use the black to absorb: either the version ‘sport’, with black sweatshirt, or more formal, jacket or tie.

Choosing to metallic can be dangerous. While on the catwalk anything goes, see the proposal Gaultier Spring / Summer hack included, brought to reality we must put aside anything that might be exaggerated, because the visual weight of this tissue is sufficient for striking styling. Actor Matthew McConaughey sins of excess by adding pictures and brightness in the ‘same look’ that might have been elegant in a single color, as proposed in gold from Ports 1961.

The prints are no longer “forbidden territory” for the boys, but throw them requires a certain dose of common sense. To go through life like wallpaper, we recommend you complete coordinated that do not distinguish where it begins and where it ends trousers jacket. Less risk is that the pattern of the pants and jacket are of a different scale. Playing it safe is to combine printing and smooth in one ‘look’, is less aggressive optically and, of course, much more elegant looks.

Although the pictures are very “masculine print”, apart from the traditional dress of Scotland or the school uniform, tartan is only suitable for adventurous men. The print Scot, who was a symbol ‘punk’ in the eighties, this year is formalized in suits smoking by Moschino or rejuvenates the tailor with black and white pictures in the proposed Versace. But the journalist Ramon Fuentes gives us the keys to avoid falling into excess: Scottish shorts combine smooth and sober clothes not detract prominence.

The stripes so far identified in the suit diplomat with formality and office have widened and have become informal. Proposals ‘college’, reminiscent American college campuses jackets, such as Tommy Hilfiger or sailor stripes blend jacket with ‘stripes pirates’ Gaultier trousers have modified the scheme had in mind. The best option ‘sport’, if we choose to carry on his pants, is combined with monochrome clothes in one of their tones, as does Marc Jacobs on your gateway.

But nothing is new under the sun of fashion, in the seventies Mick Jagger gave us a highly modern styling with paintings tailors today by more than one sigh, another contemporary, David Bowie was aimed at hackers striped pants in the eighties and in 2010 Michael Jackson, with his particular style and blue mixed with tangerine tango on stage. These are just three examples to give anyone for men’s fashion trends 2013.

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