Mens fashion 2013: Mens Shirt Tie Combination – Basic rules of masculine elegance

The combination of shirt-tie rhymes always with the best dressed man. The thesis that the formal wear requires the following precise rules, however, is likely to take for granted the choice of clothes to wear, so as to flatten the image (and personal style!) of the individual man.

The Proper Necktie Length - well-dressed man

Therefore we have decided to dedicate the modern man a guide to help him confused between the canons of formal, not to mention his personality and without the risk of looking like Andrew Cooper.

Let’s start from that detail, the tie, which more than any other denotes the masculine style. Choosing the right tie is a task that often threatens to be late man also more accurate, which is why we offer you a simple guide to follow step-by-step, consider the characteristics of the tie and the combination that you want to get.

1. The width of the tie: often hear about in the book “tie“, it is a closer tie (usually 4cm, compared to the standard 7-8 cm of the tie classic) which is very popular lately. The tie is the preferred choice by young people and those who want to opt for a more casual look and less rigorous. According to the rules of the dress code is smart men, the right width of the tie should be evaluated based on the reverse of the jacket (a jacket lapels will have broader shoulders wider and wider then tie).

In diatribe VS tie tie our suggestion is to choose is based on the context (more or less official/formal), is based on your physical appearance, because a tie wider than it is advisable to man with abundant waist.

2. The length of the tie: the formal wear requires that the tie is long up to the waistband of his pants. In this case, you should keep in mind the characteristics of the body: the harmony of proportions is the key, always. So a tall average 1 m, 75 to 1.80 wearing waist pants based, should opt for a standard tie the tip just grazes (without cover) the belt. The standard length of a tie is 150 cm, XL ties exist (for very tall men, long around 160-165 cm). Eye then to calculate the right point node (see below), so that after having tied arrivals at about the level of his pants.

3. The fantasy of the tie: the combination of the tie to the shirt follows a simple rule of thumb, avoid unpleasant mix and match of different geometrical shapes. So fantasies and right and must be selected with care. For a plain shirt is granted a greater number of combinations of ties, but no need to opt for the monotony. In fact, a tie Regimental (with photo dominant color and diagonal lines of other color) fits well with a striped shirt.

The important thing is that similar patterns have different sizes (thin lines combine striped shirt double of the tie). Remember that in coordinating the different colors you should choose the one dominating the look and follow different variations of the same color (usually we focus on gray, brown or blue). One last tip: while the horizontal lines and patterns tend to charge the look, the vertical lines and dark colors in the plain conform. That’s why the “business ties” are anything but original!

Here are some pictures of men’s fashion 2013, so let the geometric patterns in small fashionable designs combinations in formal occasions, while maintaining a certain elegance and confidential elaborate fantasies or large designs of men’s fashion 2013 only for very informal occasions.