Men fashion Spring-Summer 2013: a relaxed and natural collection

When we talk about what trends in men fashion 2013, relaxed cuts is concerned. And as to the nature palette used. We could describe the general idea of the parade of HE by Mango with proposals for Spring-Summer 2013.

A collection that, roughly, commitment to simplicity cone thread. And the commercialism as the most outstanding trends 2013. And, in fashion nowadays more worth selling to innovate. Or at least that’s the feeling has influenced the models.

Anyway, I like what I see. We see that many trends at fashion show though certainly trite and they are never failing good weather arrived, or once it enters the warm season. I speak of the natural inspiration that floods out the first of Mango or discrete and subtle references to safari style.

Men fashion Spring-Summer 2013

Ensembles of simple cut with straight lines, very relaxed and natural. Nothing complicated cuts or patterns that bring something new. The house style opts for regulating as ideal cut. A silhouette that often favor all body types and always right.

Men fashion Spring-Summer 2013 - Jacket

Men fashion Spring-Summer 2013 - Jacket

The only introduction or style details we see in these looks that at times can get bored, are some fishing pants, or small winks style at the seams of jackets or sweaters frames fine point sprinkle some of the outfits most striking. Given that, precisely in this fashion has not seen anything particularly striking.

If we talk about colors trends 2013, we also have to talk about sobriety. That is the house has run few QTE, if not without risk, scale of earth tones, tans and browns, as the main protagonist. Bluish palette with preference for blue denim and the ocean. And also some completely flat tones like white or cream. Nothing bright accents or tone bursts in fashion.

To participate on the catwalk men fashion Spring Summer 2013. The king Bomo summery linen will play a major role in making casual clothes as collared shirts Mao or fresh pants. Although, of course and as expected, the cotton in different sizes and finishes is a favorite material. They also appear to some parts and, of course, a good bunch of denim garments.

Men fashion Spring-Summer 2013 - Mao-

Honestly, we have carried few or none trollies. Which is not to say that the clothes feel hungry but honestly, I think the house can and should contribute more. I guess it will be up to the recession, but this time the level of creativity and originality has been rather popular and become trends.

Just do not spare the Catalan firm about top models refers to the simple look and dull designs for Spring-Summer 2013. A good way to ensure the presence and tracking prey. If you do not talk about the sets, at least talk about the models. The ubiquitous River Viiperi. Those who never fail, Jon Kortajarena and Antonio Navas. O Clement Chabernaud, one of the most popular faces in recent times. They were some of the boys who walked to the beat of HE by Mango.