Men eyeglasses trends 2013-2014: Some tips to be fashionable

It is not only functional to help the sight problem but also necessary to choose the suitable and fashionable eyeglasses because the glasses are also primarily trends for a fashion accessory that can give character and personality to the wearer. How to choose appropriate eyeglasses for men? Here are tips, ideas and recommended for you to be fashionable wearing the frame that best suits your face and your style.

Tips to choose the type and shape for mens eyeglasses

Mens eyeglasses - Retro style

How to choose eyeglasses for men? Here are the practical tips and advice in choosing the most suitable frame for every face: because the shape of face has a significant impact on the type of glasses to wear.

The type of the frames

Eyeglasses with transparent frame – The transparent frame is particularly suited to those who do not want to wear colorful accessory. This type of glasses, made ​​with plastic frame or transparent celluloid, these are suitable for men of all ages: you can select a very beautiful collection of Calvin Klein retail for around € 200.00. Another solution for those who do not want to see the frames but only glasses with thin titanium frame for their eyes: ultra-light and discreet as those designed by Luxottica, it is available from 127.00 €.

Colored frames

These are ideal for the young or men who love a touch of the bizarre and unusual eyeglasses with bright colors frame like red, yellow, electric blue or green. It is perfect for those who want to choose by D & G, the price is available from € 143,00.

Vintage frame

Other tips to choose mens eyeglasses are wearing a vintage eyewear. For you who love a vintage style, you can choose the eyeglasses which have been familiar and popular in the eyewear industry to give a retro look concerning to the types of the frame color to give a more vintage look. For the color, black and green coconut with oval or rounded frames will be perfect choice to get a retro style. They are perfect to give a touch of character to your face; retro style with beautiful round frame from Versace are available at € 175,00 or Armani blacks and square-shaped are available from € 145,00.

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