Max Mara Tailored Suit Project Collection

Timeless modernity with refined classic touch, Max Mara Tailored Suit collection represents the highest level of the made in Italy sartorial tradition – A selection of superb yet impeccable women’s statement garments for every season.

Max Mara Tailored Suit - Tailleur Sartoriale Collection for Women

The fabrics are inspired by the classic men’s high fashion tailoring, combining comfort and elegance at the same time – Max Mara Tailleur Sartoriale is crafted from luxury wool, mohair and cashmere; wool and yarn dye silk; pure lightweight wool – suitable for all seasons and always spotless in any occasions.

Max Mara Tailored Suit - Men's-Inspired Womens Tailored Garments

The distinction of the performance with attention to detail, the choice of a range of luxe fabrics and materials are converted into attractive yet solemn garments, Max Mara Tailored Suit is designed to every woman with different ages and lifestyle.

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Max Mara Tailored Suit Project - Masculine Tailoring Sartorial

For colors, the Tailored Suit Project of Max Mara is defined by intense yet soft tones such as navy blue, black, gray and beige, also on burgundy, grain-de-powder and striped fabrics.

For an outstanding look the luxury Italian house Max Mara suggests to wear them with crepe de chine blouses, t-shirts, pants and skirts in cashmere and silk or even denim jeans to emphasize comfy casual attitude. Check out the project detail of the brand at:

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