Marina Rinaldi new women’s clothing 2014: Voyage, Sport, Elegante & Town

The new women’s clothing collection 2014 of the brand Marina Rinaldi is joyful and cheerful, suitable for the modern woman who lives with fullness and style in every look.

Marina Rinaldi new women’s clothing 2014 Town: modern and stylish

Joyful and solar of the new collection spring-summer 2014 proposal by the brand Marina Rinaldi, you can see sensual women on the images and not afraid to hide their curves. “Women are back!” is the slogan of the new line in which the woman is the protagonist of glamor to every occasion; super busy does not renounce sensuality and the style that accompany all her looks. Read also Curvy fashion spring summer 2014 Marina Rinaldi we proposed in previous topic!

Marina Rinaldi new women’s clothing 2014: sumptuous womens catalog

Soft lines and sensual to all of the new line presented by Marina Rinaldi, declined not only in shades black and white, but in shades of luminescent lime green and  acid yellow, with obvious mix of shades floral prints and geometric. The new catalog of Marina Rinaldi new women’s clothing 2014 presented for a woman with elegance and naturalness in all occasions, from day to evening.

Marina Rinaldi new women’s clothing 2014 Town: soft lines and sensual

Games of contrasts and patterns, ethnic characterizes the ends of the line TOWN: pants stretch cotton poplin, shirts large and flowing, and clothing jacquard fabric from the V-neck, are the ideal solutions for everyday look. For spring summer Holiday, you can also see the look presented on Dsquared2 swimwear 2014!

Marina Rinaldi new women’s clothing 2014 Voyage: mediterranean and tropical flavor

Marina Rinaldi new women’s clothing 2014 Voyage: warmer and harmonious clothing

On the line VOYAGE, Marina Rinaldi new women’s clothing 2014 shows the colors combinations become warmer and harmonious graphics flavor of Mediterranean and tropical. For clothes we find patterns in egg, tulip, and ruffles; the garments are made ​​of linen, jersey and accompanied by geometric prints, delicate inflorescences hand-painted stripes and patterns bicolor. The interesting proposals of the brand, you can see the womenswear in effect linen and crochet patterns cashmere in pastel colors.

Marina Rinaldi new women’s clothing 2014 Elegante: floral oriental flavor

The clothing on the line ELEGANTE, Marina Rinaldi is true works of art; alternative models in the collection prints and drawings floral oriental flavor, realizations in lace, effects bicolor and graphic designs. To variations in shades pastel-color, the fabric is enriched with precious light points, such as crystals and jewelry, but also elements that make harmonious silhouette as jabot drapes and wide sleeves.

Marina Rinaldi new women’s clothing 2014 Sport cowgirl style

For the line SPORT by Marina Rinaldi, the privileged look of Marina Rinaldi new women’s clothing 2014 is without a doubt the denim, proposed in various colors: the jackets, the shirts, the skirts and pants. For clothing lines are made ​​soft and flowing, accompanied by madras prints, batik and rows. Macramé, embroidery, ruffles   and patterns in lines or floral, enrich and embellish any details country: jerseys, shirts, jackets and sweatshirts, in shades Pastel beige, pink and gray. At the skirts and long pleated strictly the collection also includes models stretch above the knee cotton and denim. Jacquard fabric, studs and beautiful floral embellished pants, stretch strictly and leggings.

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