Maqoo – The New Men’s Underwear Revolution

Introducing Maqoo, a clothing company that combines performance fabrics with minimalist design. Dedicated to ensuring your comfort, Maqoo Underwear is a men’s underwear revolution that starts with you! I would like to invite you to support their endeavors to make better underwear by sharing their Kickstarter campaign, which launched this week.

Maqoo Men's Underwear Revolution Featuring Ingenuity & Good Design

Maqoo is about ingenuity and good design. Cotton retains moisture and polyester absorbs bacteria. That is why Maqoo Underwear is made of linen. Smooth fibers allow moisture to release, fine yarn has gaps between fibers to allow your skin to breath, and conductive fibers release excess heat to keep you cool. Maqoo engineers developed an innovative natural fabric of 81% linen, 16% nylon and 3% spandex that will make you feel amazing. While the fabric provides coolness, strength and stretch, the clean design provides a blank canvas for your personal style to emerge!

Maqoo Innovative Men's Underwear in Linen & Smooth Fibers

A couple working in busy industries requiring extensive travel, husband Matthew and wife Queenie made it a mission to create underwear for it all. The result is underwear that provides an unparalleled level of performance, making it ideal for work, sports and everyday life. Maqoo is reinventing underwear and disrupting the consumer mindset that underwear should only be made of cotton or polyester with their original linen fabric. A new fabric means a new feeling. I guarantee you’ll feel incredible!

Maqoo Underwear will be sold at a discounted rate at $40.00 on Kickstarter. Once the Kickstarter campaign ends, it will retail for $45.00 online at

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