Mango Changes Its Business Strategy in 2016 to ‘Fast Fashion’

Mango is experiencing a great revolution.” With these words, the Spanish brand communicated to the press the new business strategy undertaken in 2016 – business strategy change to a fast-fashion. But what does it mean that a popular fashion chain retailer like Mango break with the traditional system of sales?

Mango Business Strategy Changes to Fast Fashion

Kendall Jenner Models the latest Mango Advertising Campaign Spring/Summer 2016 – Tribal Fusion

  1. New bedding every 15 days. That’s right: as of February, with the arrival of the new Spring / Summer 2016 collection, biweekly brand stores receive new seasonal proposals. A new system with which the brand seeks to react more immediacy and “fashion offer the product at just the right moment.” All equipment Mango “focus their efforts on this system, which will take our fast fashion model to an even higher level,” he declared in the brand.
  1. The disappearance of seasonal lookbook. There will be two catalogs a year with photographers and models of international fame, but developments will be introduced through its website and social networks. Now there will be 12 each year and also trends disappear parades (the last four years have presented their proposals in Barcelon 080 Fashion). Nor will the two annual presentations to the press, but breaks with this traditional pattern. Here to see the Elegant Casual Looks in Mango Spring/Summer 2016 Collection.
  1. There will still basic. While efforts are focused on bringing new trends go twice a month, throughout the season will continue to offer basic garments (jeans, shirts and cotton shirts, knit sweaters and wool, etc.).
  1. Change the campaigns. Mango will launch a different ad campaign each month, where the current trend is the star “with the face that best defines”. The first to inaugurate them is Kendall Jenner, who plays the tendency of ethnic inspiration. See also other celebrities and supermodels starring in brand’s advertising, Cara, Kate, Vinnie & Baptiste Models the New Mango Before Sunrise & After Party Campaign.

Kendall Jenner poses in new Mango SS 2016 Ad Campaign Video

  1. Kendall Jenner as image. She is the protagonist of the first ad campaign after the launch of Fast Fashion concept, throughout the month of February. “I am delighted to have been chosen to present the Tribal Spirit section of the collection. I love the designs, fabrics and shapes. They reflect well the charm of nature, which is what most inspired collection. The pictures you create on the set shows perfectly the message of the collection while stunning garments are taught. We got great pictures and work with all equipment Mango was a unique experience, “said the model. The campaign was held in early December in a known study in London. The session was Paul Hanlon Lucia Pieroni and work for makeup and hair, respectively. See also the looks of Mango Tribal Spirit Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign Starring Kendall Jenner.

Behind these changes is the inevitable shadow of Inditex, the first textile group and opening the way to call ‘fast fashion’: fast fashion consumption. Mango is now catching on fast growing career and it is fashion.

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