Makeup tips: how to apply semi-permanent polish to nails

Having manicured hands and nails in order is equally important that you wear clothing and fashion accessories. Here is a simple guide on how to apply semi-permanent polish to nails properly and traditionally in a few steps to get the best result.

How to apply polish to nails - Enamel semi-permanent

First of all, before talking about semi-permanent polish is considered in greater depth the techniques for stretching well the traditional enamel. And ‘advisable to do a little’ exercise with classic enamel before turning to something lasting as the semi-permanent. The enamel traditional definitely has a reduced shelf life especially if you work with your hands or if you are dedicated to household chores without gloves, while the gel is more durable but a texture on the nails that not all like it, so here is the new way of have a perfect polish for three weeks without having to make the gel. Do not miss also our tutorial on how to apply false eyelashes in 5 easy steps that we have proposed this morning.


Before you begin to apply the nail polish, nails are polished with an emery board and then are given the desired shape round or square according to their taste. Without this it is advisable to apply a transparent glaze. To start applying the polish with precision is crucial support from a stable surface such as a table.

The bottle of nail polish goes well shaken before you start so that the color is uniform and well-mixed and then pick up a moderate amount with the brush. When you lay the transparent base is completely dry you can start to stretch the colored nail polish from the tip of the nail and then pulling it in toward the center and finally to the outside. Do the operation for two times and then remove any burrs with a concealer or a cotton swab soaked in solvent. Seal the nail by putting a final coat of clear nail polish.


Even in this case must be performed a precise manicure and then goes paving a base DRYING and that stabilizes the pH. You apply the primer that wicks moisture and dries the nail and then a transparent base. As regards the semi-permanent polish we apply a very thin layer of product on the nail and let it dry for two minutes in the light of the UV lamp or thirty seconds at the light of the LED lamp. The lamps today do not have particularly high prices and costs are amortized in a short time. The glaze should be sealed with a clear coat to fix the color further. The nails are then greased with a suitable product which at the same time gloss.

The manicure performed with Estrosa semi-permanent polish and has duration for about three weeks and can be easily removed with the use of a simple solvent for nails and strips of paper foil. Leaving the cotton soaked under the foil for ten minutes you will have your back to the natural nail.

With these simple rules in application techniques of the traditional and the new translucent enamel for nails hope to be helpful and clear. As for mens wear trends, you can take a look at our article on how to wear a scarf for men: a must-have accessory fall winter 2013-14.

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