Makeup Spring Summer 2014: Beauty Trends from London to Milan

Masks with crystals swarovski, golden eyebrows, splashing mud face on the backstage at the Parisian triggers imagination. And the catwalks for beauty trends from London to Milan spring summer 2014 send in the scene look designed to impress the audience.

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Beauty trends from London: oddities in the make-up

That London Fashion Week is always the most bizarre on a fact of life, especially with regard to the make-up where the professional makeup artists gave free rein to their imagination.

And even for next spring eccentricities were not lacking, of course, not exactly ideal for everyday but if you’re planning a bit quirky night, these ideas might be for you.

Some easily copyable: eyebrows become midnight blue and purple are combined with a lipstick or are redesigned black, almost shiny effect, and square in shape. Is it too normal? No if combined with white chalk eyelashes; alternatively make them similar to those of mango, upturned.

If you want something more complex there is always Little Shilpa who enjoyed making up the models as the Neo Viking or futuristic geishas, ​​Vivienne Westwood who has rigged the face with white eyes or Mark Fast blacks who presented the first old black lipstick for “the dark souls”.

Beauty trends from Milan: the best make-up in accordance with U.S.

The lips are orange, gold tint in the mouth and eyebrows, the eyes have water reflections, minimalism is the trends in fashion: these are some of the trends that we were most impressed on the catwalks of Milan.

The alternative to classic red lips? The orange color is to wear with natural make-up to create a sharp contrast and to make them stand out more as John Richmond.

As an alternative, it can be covered with gold and other accessories: the proposals by Etienne Aigner maybe little challenging but look great with a tan! And a sprinkling of gold dust on eyebrows? It is perfect with a minimal makeup so as to illuminate the eye.

Instead plays with shades of blue make-up of Armani that mixes shades water with green and purple pastel while Massimo Rebecchi fluorescent tip on the confirmation eyeliner in the boldest colors. Another confirmation? The important eyebrows, thick and well designed, you can see the beauty performance from Jil Sander.

Those are the makeup performance performed by some popular brands and designers. Stay in touch with us for the latest trends in fashion style and all news from fashion industry!

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