Make-up trends for autumn winter 2013 2014

Times change, fashion changes, makeup changes … and we certainly do not want to be left behind, right? Find out which sets new trends in the beautiful make-up autumn winter 2013 2014!

Retro Chanel beautiful makeup 2013-14

From Paris fashion week to New York on the Runway shows, the watchword of this season seems to be only one: brightness! So much gold and so many warm colors for eyes, face, lips, and the artist makeup (they also did with Chanel enamel 2013) it is fun to embellish with glitter, gaudy and colored sequins. Great importance is given to the lips which most of the time left to natural selection … a great impact considering the contrast with the brightness of the rest of your face!

But let’s peek at the models on the catwalk pictures to try to steal as much guidance as possible and keep pace with the times in terms of make-up autumn winter!

Some, like Revlon, focused mainly on the eyes, preferring eye shadow tones or bronzed copper so as to give plenty of light to the eye, together with a thin line of black eyeliner, lips and leaving their natural complexion.

Burberry preferred to be guided by the 60’s style with its collection Trench Kisses: an explosion of gold on both the face and eyelids from the deep black lashes. Armani instead takes us back in time to the 30’s, with made-up eyes and lips in a very delicate and discrete even more the Retro Chanel, with its bushy eyebrows in evidence, as opposed to the eyelids, however, it’s studded with the sequins gold.

However, Lanvin focuses on the word “trick” in itself: something that is there but not seen. And then the woman almost ethereal takes shape, with an almost non-existent trick, but in the return the lips are very heated. And the manicure and pedicure for your nails? In this case, compared to the previous season, brightness galore! Classic colors but intense, such as the fabulous nail polish, Elixir autumn winter 2013 2014 by Chanel, a wonderful red coral: a classic that never goes out of fashion!

And you, what make-up do you prefer? Take a look at the beauty section to choose the right makeup for you!

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