Make up trends 2013: Tips to choose the trendy colors

What are the color trends for this season? Have you found some tips? The spring/summer 2013 has come and it is time to make the lips light up in orange, red and a wide range of lipsticks and lip gloss jewel-toned.

Choosing the colors trends - Women make up 2013

Orange is one of the color trends 2013 for some countries like Japanese and Chinese culture, it is associated with love and happiness, and it is the color of growth and joy.

You can choose red because this color is able to give you more elegant, joy and celebration looks. It is a symbol of life, warmth and alchemy represents the sun.

It is no coincidence for the color trends 2013 that these shades generally used during the spring and summer, when our minds out of the slumber of winter and the sun brings with it a new desire for change, from small everyday things to bigger projects life.

Spring/Summer make up trends 2013 that every woman cannot miss in the make-up, especially the lips make-up since it always become “tool” of excellence teasing. Go ahead, and then you can use the bright and solar colors.

The tone that tends to coral is definitely one of the most interesting. A color that adapts to different types of complexion and it is easy to wear even during the day.

Then it moves on to more neutral peach color that it is always in fashion trends for every season, and the delicate apricot shades, both in order to emphasize a perfect slight tan.

Last year already brought the Pan-tone Tangerine Tango and this year it is found, Spring/Summer color trends 2013 endowed with many variants such as the Poppy Red, literally bright red, a mix between red and orange, very bright and much loved by make-up artist.

It recalls that in this season the lips occupy a special place and they are the real protagonists, leaving the eyes and the rest of the face to more neutral tones and natural.

Go ahead and then to a varied palette of up to more dark burgundy shades (also for summer this year are accepted dark colors).

What is the recommended colors for your lips when you want to go for some evening parties: a bright red lipstick and a little eye-liner enough to give you a flawless look. Here are some pictures of trendy lipstick colors of the year and how to choose the colors for your lips.

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