Make-up tips: 13 “secrets” for an easy and effective make up!

Here we want to present some tips to wear makeup effectively as quickly as possible? Check out our 13 must-see recommendations edited by Fashionbashon!

1. Dry and sensitive skin? Mix foundation with moisturizer

Easy and effective make-up tips: mix foundation & moisturizer

If your skin “pulls” and requires constant hydration, nutrition increases the power of your foundation by mixing it with a dose of your favorite emollient cream. Well spread it all over your face: you will thus create your custom BB Cream!


2. Choose the right concealer with the theory of complementary colors

Easy and effective make-up tips: choose concealer

Incorrectly, you may think that a spell “universal” to be able to delete any kind of imperfection. Nothing could be more wrong! Get help from the theory of complementary colors. Some examples? To camouflage dark circles blue-violet need a product tending to orange, while the pimples choose a green concealer.


3. Spread a neutral eyeshadow as a base before the Smokey eyes

Easy and effective make-up tips: neutral eyeshadow

Achieving a well-nuanced trick you ever found it difficult? First, spread champagne and a matte colored eye shadow on the entire eyelid and fixed edge: This step will make the area less “fat”, thus emphasizing the nuances later.


4. Choose the right eyeliner for perfect line eye makeup

Easy and effective make-up tips: find perfect eyeliner

Want to get the perfect line of eyeliner? With a pencil, draw a “path” to dots to root of lashes and then make it perfect with your liner preferred. You cannot go wrong!


5. Fixed pencil for prefect eyeliner and eyeshadow

Easy and effective make-up tips: fixed pencil for eyeliner & eyeshadow

Want to delineate the look to perfection, but you’re afraid that your makeup coli during the day? Picks up black eyeshadow with a cat’s tongue brush and dab the line made: it will not move from there until the evening!


6. Look down to avoid smearing mascara

When you apply mascara on the lashes, place the mirror on a table while you tricks: looking down, you will avoid any burrs on the upper eyelid!

7. Create your own custom lipstick

Choose a shimmer or matte pigment, depending on your preference, and mix it with Vaseline readily available in pharmacies. That’s made ​​your lipstick and personal … super limited edition!

8. Make your lipstick long-lasting

Easy and effective make-up tips: long-lasting lipstick

After applying lipstick, lip rests on a thin tissue and makes pressure with the fingertips to make it stick. With a brush or a feather, dab on a bit of powder and remove the tissue. And you will get long-lasting lips make-up!


9. Revitalizes your eye shadow cream

Your favorite product in cream has dried? Do not worry: you will not need more than water mixed with glycerin (main ingredients of a fixative for makeup) and a little ‘primer (containing silicone): mix everything with the eye shadow and scaling for a minute and half in the microwave. Let cool … and will be ready to use!

10. Make “the fold” to your eyelashes

To curl your lashes to best show off and look like a real femme fatale, heated eyelash curler for a few seconds with a hair dryer (not the metal to become hot) and fill in the fold. You’ll see the difference!

11. Preheat your black eye with a lighter to increase the writing

You bought a pencil / kohl a beautiful color, but … I do not write? Try to heat the tip with the flame of a lighter holding two inches away for a few seconds. In addition to being more beautiful, you can also be able to fade the stretch at best!

12. Apply a neutral base to your nail before the colored enamel

Easy and effective make-up tips: neutral base for nail

To prevent yellowing of the nails, as a first step absolute do not forget to always apply one coat of neutral base. After leaving it to dry, proceed with the enamel select: you’ll notice that the color will be more intense and opaque.

13. Delineates the inner rim of the eye with a flesh-colored eye pencil

After a stressful day, apply a flesh-colored pencil in the inner rim of the eye: it will help to brighten tired eyes, but also to enhance them if you have small eyes.

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