Luxury watches Dior VIII Montaigne collection: timepieces with couture and precious details

The new addition to the Luxury watches Dior VIII Montaigne collection has two main objectives. One is to make a clear homage to the location in Paris where the first house of Dior in history stood, the 30 avenue Montaigne. The geometry of the architecture is reflected in all models appearing in the collection that also share the name of the now so famous street.

Watches Dior VIII Montaigne collection: on avenue Montaigne time

The number 30 avenue Montaigne is a direction that everyone associated with Parisian elegance; the subtly refined a little hotel located in the heart of the VIII arrondissement of Paris – the ultimate luxury neighborhood – where elegant world come together. When Christian Dior saw this little hotel was charmed, it was love at first sight. Both confessed to one of his friends who would settle there or anywhere else. His wish came true on October 8, 1946, the date on which opened to the public his maison de couture. Don’t miss also luxury collection of Liu Jo Watches 2014!

Watches Dior VIII Montaigne collection: contemporary style

On the other hand, the exclusive watches Dior VIII Montaigne collection in regards to elegant timepiece with couture and precious details; want to offer all its customers the best parts of the sector in a fusion of design and elegant materials, appealing and attractive. And here to see Brosway women’s watches collection 2014!

Therefore, any development with regard to the most exclusive collection of Dior watches is always in the news and in this case has announced 2 models specifically, under the name extension in “Montaigne”.

Watches Dior VIII Montaigne collection: automatic movement

The luxury watches Dior VIII Montaigne collection presented in pink gold and steel with straps of the same material that provides the most elegant of the sector. The sphere is surrounded by bright jewels external and internally in its winding hands. As a tribute to the pyramidal architecture and distinct variation in presentation, support triangular forms the basis of a watch that looks good and stands out in any environment, anytime. Discover also Swatch watches launches the new 2014 collection!

The Dior VIII Montaigne watches collection is a reinterpretation of the Grand BAL Dior, one of the pieces cults of the house, and can boast sensuous lines, and a bracelet made ​​up of a series of pyramids, which appear to be worn by the erosion of time.

Year after year, the collection, the iconic creations Dior Haute Horlogerie reinvents the rhythm of the creativity of the firm. And although still air of the times, remain faithful to the spirit Dior, in particular as line and color, sense of elegance couture and creative value.

Do you like? I find them just as wearable for the day or for a night out. Find more about this elegant timepieces on official Dior VIII collection!

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