Louis Vuitton travel bags collection 2014: men’s and women’s catalog

As temperatures begin to subside and the sun peeps also begins to think about the summer holidays and many weekends away to make. For the occasion, you cannot miss a complete set of Louis Vuitton travel bags collection 2014, here is the 15 models needed to take on vacation everything you need and more officers and their prices.

Louis Vuitton travel bags collection 2014

The collection of Louis Vuitton is not just fashion, shoes and bags, but also luxury luggage or the travel bags. Moreover, the career of Monsieur Vuitton, the founder, began in this area and still one of the big leather goods and luggage is one of the biggest names in the global landscape. The catalog of travel bags Louis Vuitton thinks of everything: suitcases soft, rigid casters, with shoulder strap, garment bag, document holders, tote weekend, hat, carries jewelry and much more. Discover the new Bags Marc by Marc Jacobs 2014 trends.

Here we have selected for you among the many proposals of 15 travel bags from the collection of essential French luxury brand, so organize your holidays in the most practical and elegant as possible. Take a look also to the new Spring Summer 2014 Bags Ermanno Scervino Collection.

  1. For the weekend can be enough of a duffel bag, obviously with the Monogram print and shoulder strap for increased comfort, especially when accompanied by the wheels. The models are very different, but the classic print of the house is a sure hit. (€ 1,610)
  2. The summer in our look of the hottest days can not miss a hat and Louis Vuitton does carry them there in the overhead refined by vintage mood but absolutely elegant. How to give it up? (€ 2,280)
  3. Even the travel documents deserve adequate space, luxurious and chic. A nice passport holder with the press of the French brand is a must-have. (€ 245)
  4. What holiday would be without a pair of sunglasses and a door glamor glasses such as the one chosen by our editorial team in print Damier Azur? (€ 200)
  5. The bag KeepAll created to contain everything becomes practical travel bag in its most capacious. Wonderful version of Louis Vuitton Azur with which to carry everything you need by hand or with the shoulder strap. (€ 1,185)
  6. A soft suitcase of medium size is perfect for short trips or for storage such as shoes during the holidays. The classic model from the regular forms is a timeless piece. (€ 1,430)
  7. Even on vacation, women cannot refrain from wearing jewelry and Louis Vuitton store in there makes them practical door bijoux rolled with prints from the typical house and tied with bows. (€ 660)
  8. Suits and dresses delicate and prestigious certainly cannot be stuffed in a suitcase, but they go in the bag hanging garment bag in brown and beige which will come out still perfectly ironed. (€ 1,220)
  9. In handbag do not forget to enter a pen of Louis Vuitton collection, it will be easy to find and not sporcherete bag of ink. (€ 165)
  10. A rigid trunk with golden handle is a travel accessory with a vintage reminiscent of the beginnings of the house and at the same time very contemporary and safe to transport the most delicate objects. (€ 3,400)
  11. Not only Damier and Monogram, but also solid and soft leather in bright colors, especially for younger people. The trolley with practical wheels wears fuchsia. (€ 3,150)
  12. The original shape of the Louis Vuitton Steamer is suitable as hand luggage and in any occasion. (€ 3,650)
  13. The trolley classic fabric or leather by Louis Vuitton is one of the travel bags are essential in the collection. (€ 2,580)
  14. For cosmetics and beauty products need a cosmetic bag or a pouch with zip with internal waterproof pack or purse. (€ 560)
  15. Who cannot give up the classic style, the rectangular hard case is the perfect model. (€ 5,550).

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