10 models of Louis Vuitton handbags spring summer 2014 with the prices

Let’s go back to take care of one of the most important brands of French fashion with a new collection of Louis Vuitton handbags spring summer 2014. The new models introduced with the parade 2014 and in recent months they are ready to become our new glam accessories. Here are all the details of the new catalog.

Louis Vuitton handbags spring summer 2014: LV collection bags SS 14

Here are 10 models of Louis Vuitton handbags spring summer 2014 with different variations and a lot of style. This is what gives us Louis Vuitton with its new catalog of handbags spring summer 2014 we offer in more detail below in the 10 new models inspired by the iconic NN LV BAGS. Discover the new collection of Louis Vuitton Monogram bags we have presented a few days ago.

  1. The NN 14 PM Monogram Idole is characterized by the famous print of the French luxury brand with the initials, the lock pendant tassels and pleated by hand. Inside the bag there is a small removable pouch for storing items of work. The price of this model is € 1,800.
  2. The NN 14 GM Monogram looks like the previous one with the Monogram print, but differs in the solid finishes on the bottom and tassels in red, blue or black which creates an elegant contrast. For this model, the price is € 1,960.
  3. The bag NN 14 GM Spotlight changing finishes and colors, while maintaining the iconic Monogram print on a dark blue version is enriched with graffiti sequins forming the words Louis Vuitton bag. The cost of this original version is € 2,470.
  4. The solid smooth leather is the hallmark of the bag Louis Vuitton NN 14 GM Cuir Nuance that is declined for spring summer 2014 in ruby red, brown, blue and black at a price of € 2,580.
  5. Louis Vuitton aims for the next hot season also model NN 14 PM Cuir Nunace in ruby red or black, a simplicity and elegance with few rivals to a price of € 2,370.
  6. One reason different from the usual embellishes the bag NN 14 PM Audace Spring-Summer 2014: the big polka dots are arranged symmetrically and orderly. The possibilities are black or white, and the price is € 3,600.
  7. It’s the queen of the bag collection spring summer 2014: the NN 14 PM Belle de Nuit which comes with a band of crystals and embroidery, while the rest of the bag is full of peacock feathers and pheasant. Here is wonderful and original bag which available at a price of € 18,300.
  8. From the provocative name NN 14 PM Fatale comes in alligator leather with aged finish, handmade. The fuchsia version is definitely a luxury to be pursued. The price of materials has seen the value of € 15,200.
  9. Getting back with your feet on the ground here is the classic model of the collection Louis Vuitton S / S 2014: NN 14 PM Monogram matching brown and beige in a limited edition of € 1,550.
  10. The NN 14 PM Spotlight incorporates the GM version of the same name, changing in size. Same impressive palette and the same colors bag proposed at a price of € 2,270 fianle. Read also our special dedicated to the Catalog Louis Vuitton handbags fall winter 2013 2014 that we have proposed some time ago.

Discover all the 10 models of Louis Vuitton handbags spring summer 2014 collection in the image gallery at the end of this article.

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