Louis Vuitton bags – Useful tips to identify the original and the fake one

Louis Vuitton bags - Women handbags trends

Louis Vuitton is one of the most top brands of the world for the women fashion trends today. Have you ever met traders in the streets and he offered Louis Vuitton bags for women at unreasonable price. You cannot believe them immediately. Those can be false products, the bags you buy in the market especially on the arcades or on the internet for 20 euro are may be unoriginal items so you should be careful. An original Louis Vuitton bag never goes out of fashion, and the quality of workmanship allows you to have a shoulder bag that we will remain by side for a long time.

Louis Vuitton bags - Identifying the replica and the authentic Speedy Bag

The low price is an investment but you should consider on the quality. Yeah but how do you really know if we are buying an original or counterfeit Louis Vuitton bag? The original is always looking more different than the unoriginal one and the quality cannot be hidden? And above all, how can you really understand it? Learn to recognize an original Louis Vuitton is not only useful against rip-offs, but most of people will love it even more the original ones, because you will discover many details of a processing that takes care of every detail of the item quality. You cannot deal with fake one that black marketers try to sell you on a sidewalk for 40 euro. Read this guide to understand what to be careful before you purchase one. This article is really dedicated to those who want to buy the original only, because you know there are many Louis Vuitton replica bags are also provided in the market today.

Here are some useful tips to recognize original Louis Vuitton bags

Even before buying the item, look around and check the condition. If you are on a sidewalk on the street, on a website unknown or behind a light pole to observe a hasty type that tries to sell or bargain handbags put on a towel for shoeing, maybe not the best place to buy a original Louis Vuitton handbag. The shops where people can buy branded goods from the legendary LV monogram are listed on the website of the e-commerce section of Louis Vuitton.

The official website will be very useful to expose which is the original one. In fact, there we are: the catalog of products for sale, prices and details of each accessory zoomable.

Louis Vuitton bags - Original pattern for Classic Monogarm Speedy Bag

On classic monogram speedy bag which is still on demand as nowadays handbags trends on the market. You can look into the pattern; it should start eye symmetrically and has sequence LV logo followed by floral style, circle, floral and then LV logo again.

Maybe you have discovered for example some items are not produced by the official product and even if you buy it with a high price as original LV, it cannot be true.

You should know the estimated price for the real bags on the market today so you will get an idea if you are offered at too much high or low price.

Check in detail the details of bags, scarves, accessories, and compare them with the false suspicion, look for the differences.

As it says Tamsin Blanchard in “The green goes with everything”: “If it’s for sale at the local market and brings the letters LV can be certain that it is a fake. Why do you ask? “

The Louis Vuitton bags are also made ​​with a single piece of canvas. If you are holding a bag with a seam that runs across the top, is “bootleg”.

The LV monogram woven never cut with a seam zipper or buckle. The abbreviation is never cut in half or even on the seams and where the handles are applied.

Just because the bags are made with a single piece of canvas, without seams and cuts, it can happen the symbols of the bag are on the contrary.

The handles and finishes of LV handbags are natural cowhide. The leather, when you buy a new Monogram, then it has light beige. Over time, the leather will oxidize and darken. If you purchase the handles and the edges are already dark, it is an original one. It should be an original one if over time the leather darkens.

Meticulous attention to detail, take a look on the attention to detail because the original one is from the fashion house. The handles and finishes are natural cowhide light beige to purchase, but with the edges in red and the stitching in yellow.

You will never find a Monogram in a plastic packaging. If you find it, it is not a Monogram.

The label on the inside of the bags, it is leather and has the words engraved Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France. Inside the lining there is always a recognition code of the product.

Metal parts of the Louis Vuitton handbags are gilded brass. Touching them, they are quite heavy.

Beware of bags with prices and tags attached, it is often shown by hucksters who want to trim the tarot as a guarantee of originality. A bag is not covered by the original plastic, not even around the handles and is sold inside a canvas bag that shows in black the name of the house.

Check the details: the brand LV is hand painted and not printed. And it is also imprinted in pendants and closures.

The price must be consistent: if an article is proposed a very low price and it seems too good to be true, it is. It’s too good to be true and that bag is false. Here are some pictures if you want to shop for the authentic LV bags!

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