Latest Max Mara handbags spring summer 2014 with prices

Minimal chic shapes and bright colors to the trunks, the clutch, and tote and shopper collection of Max Mara handbags spring summer 2014 with prices. In this new post you will find all the information about the top models and the respective prices of this fine collection.

Max Mara handbags spring summer 2014: leather print small JBag

The queen of handbags spring summer 2014 Max Mara price for the beautiful Jbag, a leather bag in extremely refined and minimalist chic style, with clean lines and rigorous, with adjustable shoulder strap with buckle, bag handle and concealed closure. This beautiful bag is available in nude or light gray, or red paint or naked, but also in two-tone leather reptile print in orange and gray or brown and bare. The monochrome model available at price € 735.00, while the bicolor is € 749.00. The Jbag is a true must-have and there is also always smaller reptile print leather (coral and gray, orange and gray, nude and brown) at € 639.00.

Max Mara handbags spring summer 2014: Triangular leather bowling bags

The trunk is proposed by Max Mara handbags spring summer 2014 in triangular version, patent leather or shiny and bright with double handles, zip and walker on the side available price at € 535.00. In our photo gallery you can admire the simplicity and character of this triangular trunk in different colors available. But Max Mara also offers a version of tail bag priced at € 425.00, in the form of an inverted drop, always in leather, with double handle and removable shoulder strap. Really very refined, like Elisabetta Franchi handbags summer 2014. In addition, smaller size bag, we find it in 3 different colors and priced at € 365.00.

The new bags collection Max Mara spring-summer 2014 prices also reinterprets the key for shopping bag in minimal, thanks to rigorous and essential lines as in shopping leather glossy effect, with zipper and walker (€ 579.00). With the tote bag, however, it comes in a bit out of the box to play with the rigorous lines round, metal inserts and animal prints. Welt internal and metal detailing to the leather tote bag nude color or light gray (€ 645.00). The smaller size of this tote bag is printed leather deer and plays on the contrast between the ivory body and the black handles and shoulder strap (€ 549.00). Rectangular shape, however, for the tote bag leather with animal print black and white screen printing and batik the price available at (€ 499.00). Discover also the latest women’s ready to wear preview offered in Dior Cruise collection spring 2015!

Max Mara handbags spring summer 2014: Triangular bowling bag red & tobacco

Great character and also very contemporary, the bowling bag in shiny skin effect (in red leather), very roomy and versatile, to be chic at any occasion (€ 695.00). There are, in addition, proposals for shoulder bags, available in 3 different models: 1) has the form of a folder leather shoulder bag with double handles, zipper in sight and Walkers, available in blue and sand (€ 515.00); 2) bag model for the shoulder bag with leather handle and adjustable metal buckle, colors coral or powder (€ 425.00); 3) It’s a lady bag shoulder tricolor in 3 types of leather and printing metalassè (€ 485.00). See also the trendiest catalog of Candy Bag collection 2014 Furla!

Very wide and varied, the line clutches of Max Mara bags spring-summer 2014 with official prices. 4 In various colors vibrant and bright (red, green, purple and cornflower blue) we find the flat clutch bag in shiny leather, with rounded edges on one side and sharp from other (€ 315.00). Really chic bon ton and the clutch in Napa matte powder color, with contrasting color side inserts and a hidden magnet closure (€ 215.00). More glamor and rock, however, the suede clutch bag with tassel laminated profiles (in black or powder (€ 279.00). Surprisingly, for the ergonomic shapes and the dynamic envelope clutch bag in patent leather with removable chain straps (€ 199.00).

And if you’re curious to find out all the news about handbags spring summer 2014 collections of various fashion brands, stay with us!

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