Kiko Sportproof Active Colors 2014: vibrant and energetic makeup for summer

Kiko Milano transports us into the dynamic world of sport and fun with the new limited edition makeup collection Sportproof Active Colors for summer 2014.

Kiko Milano makeup Sportproof for summer 2014

The passion, energy and performance techniques of the sport revived in specific products, specially designed to maximize durability and strength of the makeup.

Vibrant and energetic makeup for summer!

Kiko Sportproof Active Colors 2014: vibrant and energetic colors

The look of the summer makeup 2014 collection Sportproof Active Colors Kiko is dynamic, energetic and vibrant colors: The line boasts trio eye shadow, lip gloss wet look bright, cream blush, eye pencils for waterproof mascara and waterproof colored crystals making it useful for enhancing the look chic and extravagant for the evening more special. Discover with us all Kiko Sportproof Active Colors  2014 make up for summer!

Infinity Trio Eyeshadow (€ 5.90)

Kiko Sportproof Active Colors 2014: Infinity Trio Eyeshadow

It’s an innovative system for eyeshadow with trio repositionable [CLICS] System ™. The writing is optimal to use both dry and wet roads. The release color is immediate, ultra bright and homogeneous.

Each eyeshadow consists of three shades of the same color. In this way, each pod allows you to get a flawless gradient effect.

The texture has a surprising senses, touch is smooth and comfortable. The special texture provides excellent scalability eyeshadow color. Infinity Trio Eyeshadow adheres well and keeps its pure and brilliant color for long. The result is inimitable.

Infinity Trio Eyeshadow has the patented connection system [CLICS] System ™ that allows you to place it in the empty pallets KIKO Eyes Hits. The blades, sold separately, are 1, 3, 4, 9, or 24 positions. On the inside, the eye shadow can be removed and repositioned multiple times. Infinity Trio Eyeshadow you can then create a fully customized professional eyeshadow palette.

The Shades available:

  • Shades of Beige
  • Shades of Brown
  • Shades of Purple
  • Shades of Green
  • Shades of Blue
  • Shades of Grey

Sportproof Eyeliner (€ 5.90)

Kiko Sportproof Active Colors 2014: Sportproof Eyeliner

Pencil eye for long lasting use, no transfer and water resistant. The special formula, casting and wax base, combining the writing and flow of a liquid eyeliner with the convenience and ease of use of a pencil. At the time of application, the fixing agents in the formula evaporate by drying the product and increasing the seal. The soft texture allows you to outline the contour eyes with precision. The color of the pencil body, reminiscent of the mine interior, facilitating the identification of the tone to be applied. Sportproof Eyeliner is available in six color references:

  • Black Pearl
  • Brown Metallic
  • Tortora Metallic
  • Turquoise Metallic
  • Metallic Blue
  • Purple Orchid

Sportproof Mascara (€ 7.90)

Kiko Sportproof Active Colors 2014: Sportproof Mascara

Water resistant mascara volume effect. A long-lasting, smudge, Sportproof Mascara is ideal to withstand sweat and swimming in the pool, at the beach or at home.

 The formula, enriched with special film-forming agents, wraps lashes from root to tip in making them look thicker and defined. The special applicator captures and separates the lashes, releasing the perfect amount of product. The rich texture and creamy texture gives a look and decided Intense eyes. Sportproof Mascara is available in black color.

Cheeky Color Creamy Blush (€ 6.90)

Kiko Sportproof Active Colors 2014: Cheeky Colour Creamy Blush

Blush cream silky to the touch and bright result. A touch of color long lasting melts on the skin to sculpt and highlight cheeks and cheekbones in a natural way. Practical application and sophisticated in the result, the blush on her cheeks lies directly with ease thanks to its rounded shape. Once applied, you can blend it with your fingertips or with the use of a brush. The texture on the face leaves a pleasant feeling of comfort and softness. It is silky, smoothing and adaptable.Discover also the new launched, Liu Jo women’s perfume collection 2014!

 The blush comes in four different colors that allow you to get different looks, from the most discreet to the most natural and vivid and intense.  The four references are available:

  • Fishing
  • Pink Coral
  • Strawberry Pink
  • Shocking Pink

Breezy Shine Lip-gloss (€ 5.90)

Kiko Sportproof Active Colors 2014: Breezy Shine Lipgloss

Lip gloss finish and full color ultra bright mirror effect to enhance the volume of the lips with a seductive light. The texture, enriched with a derivative of menthol gives a feeling of invigorating freshness. In application, the gloss adheres perfectly to his lips, wrapping them in a uniform film and exceptionally strong. The flocked applicator allows you to take the right amount of product and apply it with ease along the edges and corners of the lips. Smooth, soft and creamy, Breezy Shine Lipgloss gives a pleasant feeling of lightness and comfort, without being sticky. It is available in six shades, ideal for make up all the days for special occasions.

  • Rose Apricot
  • Strawberry Pink
  • Geranium
  • Fire Red
  • Cherry
  • Fuchsia

Flag Glam Body Jewels (€ 7.90)

Kiko Sportproof Active Colors 2014: Flag Glam Body Jewels

Kit with jewels to be applied on face and body to embellish the look with lights for effect. The kit includes: 120 gems, stored in a handy transparent pot, tweezers and professional cosmetic glue head. Find all about makeup trends for spring summer 2014!

With the tweezers, the stones can be collected easily and fast. The body jewels, strategically placed to catch the attention of a certain area of ​​the face or body, adhere well to the skin and make makeup valuable and unique. With the application of the gems, depending on your personal taste and creativity, you can create new and original forms, or reproduce existing designs inspired by the colors of their flag on favorite to recreate the skin, using different colors of stones. Discover them at Kiko Sportproof Active Colors Official Website!

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