Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Limited Edition Collection: Summer 2017 Colors & Warmth

Introducing KIKO MILANO Summer2.0, the limited-edition. Summer 2017 collection inspired by summer’s colors and warmth, earth & fire, for a romantic & passionate mood!

Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup The allure of a radiant, beguiling beauty


Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Limited 2017 Summer Collection

Lights, colors, fresh and delicate. KIKO MILANO presents Spring 2.0, the new collection in limited edition inspired by the special light of the season. A romantic, passionate style. The look is fresh and perfect for living outdoors the first few days of this season. The complexion is kissed by the sun. A seemingly natural tan provides the perfect backdrop for an intense, radiant gaze. The lips are full and sensual, enhanced by elegant matte nuances or embellished with the collection’s sparkling top coat. The KIKO MILANO Summer2.0 collection brings multisensory products that evoke the delicacy of cotton flowers, the scent of green tea and the protective action of the moringa seeds. The skin of the face is uniform, the features are defined. The finish is radiant and natural. The look of KIKO MILANO Summer2.0 is emphasized by the lashes that are multiplied and lit by the glitter colors of the eyeliner pencils. The lips are full and highlighted by bright nuances.

Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup Package 2017 Collection in Limited Edition

The KIKO MILANO Summer2.0 packaging is run by Ross Lovegrove, the designer who has composed unique elements ever since, combining notes of aesthetics and logic, nature, art and technology.

Nature is the great inspirational muse of the KIKO MILANO Summer2.0. The packaging surfaces reflect light thanks to surprising micro-precision and the choice of white color. The reflex game is fantastic. The lines allude to the sensual movements of the female body.

Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup Collection with Price


Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup

Silky soft, baked bronzer. Ultra-blendable baked powder providing even colour coverage. Formula enriched with a mélange of colours and jojoba oil for a natural-looking tan.

01 Sun Celebration Honey, 02 Mediterranean Tan


Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup

Two-tone baked blush with a matte finish that’s soft as silk and blends easily. Satiny to the touch, the colour is revealed instantly and lasts long.

01 Natural Beach, 02 Coral Bay, 03 Red Sunset


Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup

Highlighting drops for the face and body to create an all-over radiant effect with liquid highlighter for a radiant face. Formula enriched with pigments that help to conceal imperfections and exalt the complexion.

01 Golden Shell, 02 Plushy Rose


Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup

Pearly liquid eyeshadow featuring rich, creamy texture glides on easily. Bold, shiny and even colour.

01 Sparkling Champagne, 02 Fire Lust Bronze, 03 Green Riviera, 04 Navy Cruise


Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup

Mascara with an extra-thin brush for lengthened, volumized, voluptuous and sensual lashes. Creamy, lightweight texture with a shiny finish.


Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup

Jet-black eyeliner pen. The liquid formula glides on smoothly and is waterproof, making it perfect for the summer.


Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup

Matte lipstick with a supple texture that feels wonderful. Looking at the lips from the side, the lipstick appears velvety which enhances at first glance the matte look.

07 Dreaming Iris, 08 Desire Turquoise


Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup

Two-in-one matte lipstick and blush. Intense colour if used as a lipstick and easy to blend if applied to the cheeks.

01 Sophisticated Beige, 02 Sorbet Watermelon, 03 Tonic Fuchsia, 04 Exotic Magenta, 05 Mirage Hibiscus, 06 Sun Stone Chestnut


Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup



Lip top coat with glittery particles for a sparkly finish. Rotating applicator designed to apply the perfect amount of glitter without removing the lipstick.


Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup

Face brush with soft, compact synthetic bristles for an easy, even application of all types of face powders.


Kiko Milano Summer2.0 Makeup

Make-up pochette. Stylish, roomy, soft make-up bag. Practical and ideal for travelling and for carrying the Summer2.0 products with you everywhere you go. Explore all products and shop them at: Kiko Cosmetics Summer 2017 Limited Edition Collection!

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